Monday, March 27

Operation of the PM and PF in Goiânia arrests a South African who staged a coup with Bitcoin

A South African leader of a company that ran a coup with Bitcoin was arrested by the Military Police of Goiás, with the knowledge of the PF, last Wednesday (29), in Goiânia.

Before he was arrested by the PF, the Military Police of Goiás monitored the suspect for a month and made his arrest last Wednesday night. As he is listed on the Interpol red list, the PF had already been sued.

According to information released to the press, the man had been on the run from South Africa since 2019, when he staged a billion-dollar scam on investors.

Operation of the PM and PF arrests a South African in Goiânia who dealt a coup with Bitcoin and harmed investors in his country

Mirror Trading International (MTI) is a company that has been under surveillance by South African authorities for a few years after MTI CEO Johann Steynberg fled the country.

Johann Steynberg, founder and operator of the so-called Mirror Trading International pyramid.

During investigations, people injured by the coup believed he was hiding in Brazil, as published by Livecoins in December 2020.

And this was in fact true, with information leading to his capture now in December 2021, a fact that was done by the Military Police of Goiás last Wednesday. The governor of the State of Goiás, Ronaldo Caiado, celebrated the intelligence action of his police.

“We don’t just act with thieves wearing flip-flops. A high-end bandit is not raised in the State of Goiás. Here he also falls, whatever the status he has. Our troops have complete freedom to act”.

The Secretary of Public Security of Goiás, Rodney Miranda, said that “the arrest of a criminal wanted around the world shows the efficiency of the State’s police and the commitment to ceaselessly fight crime.” He reinforced that the Goiás police maintain an efficient fight against crime.

How did the South African’s arrest occur?

According to information disclosed by Lieutenant Colonel Raimundo Coelho Pinto Júnior, commander of the Giro, there were reports of the presence of a South African who committed crimes against the financial system in the southern region of Goiânia, in the Alto da Glória sector.

“Our police officers began to carry out a careful survey of the suspect and after intensive work carried out for approximately one month, it was possible to identify and approach the subject.”

After being identified, he was approached by the police, who had already informed the PF and Interpol of the action. When approached, however, he presented false identity documents, at which time he was arrested and promptly referred to the PF.

The Federal Police and Interpol [unidade de Brasília] were already aware of our survey. As soon as we performed the approach, the subject was presented to the PF Superintendence for the fulfillment of the international arrest warrant and fine for the crime of using a false document“.

Profit promises of 10% per month

Second information 170 thousand people in the state of Goiás invested in the company of the man arrested in the last hours, a case of financial pyramid that may have left a hole in the market for billions.

To attract investors, he promised income of 10% a month, a practice that has become common in crimes against the national financial system in several countries.