Wednesday, May 18

OPINION | Trans Law: the light expires, by Carla Antonelli

It has been a painful labor, not just lately. The struggle of trans people is a historical struggle. We have been fighting for years to achieve something as simple as our right to be. Yes, to be the people that we really are, with the same rights as anyone else, also with the same obligations, simply to be and to exist under equal conditions, with the same opportunities, without fear, with full freedom. And that moment has come, at least in our country. The Government of Spain gave birth yesterday to Draft Law for the effective equality of Trans people and for the guarantee of the rights of LGTBI people.

Along the way we leave a lot of blood spilled, even paying expensive tolls, of which we do not regret it or will not regret it. Sterile conflicts and unnecessary fractures that will have to be fixed over time and also with the effort to build a society in which, as comrade Pedro Zerolo said, we all fit, all and also everyone. Now it is time to look ahead, let joy heal the wounds and give us strength for the journey that is beginning. Because let’s not forget: we are taking a historic, fundamental step… But it will not be the last.

Let’s celebrate having reconquered the insurmountable red lines: gender self-determination will be a right and transsexuality will no longer be a disease. Let us also celebrate the prohibition of conversion therapies and genital modification of intersex babies. Let’s celebrate that single women, lesbians, bisexuals and trans people with a pregnant capacity will be able to go to the assisted reproduction techniques of the National Health System, or that classrooms and work centers are going to be filled with rainbow content. Let us celebrate without forgetting that in the parliamentary journey we must work for the rights of those under 14 years of age and for the recognition of non-binary people, as well as the full recognition of migrants in equality on their residence card.

Let’s celebrate while we fight, let’s fight while we celebrate… So that Spain can say with pride, sorority, with determination, that it will not leave anyone behind. That it will protect all groups with the maximum legal and social guarantees.

Today I am happy because my party and my government are on the right side of history, the one that thousands of people have always defended from the beginning, that of reason and fairness. I am happy because, once again, the light overcomes all the darkness.