Sunday, October 24

OPINION | Why doesn’t anyone understand about the light? By Ismael Ramos.

Dinner is late at my parents’ house and never at the same time. It all depends on when my father gets off work. He has one of those jobs where you know what time he comes in in the morning and then time and days go by and, at some point in that infinite continuum of the most precarious wage earner, he comes home. Anyway, he always warns twenty minutes before he is coming, when he leaves the polygon, so that we have time to fry potatoes or we can calculate the exact measurement between round and round of a steak. After dinner, sometimes, very seldom — tiredness, you know — we argue. Yesterday it was time to talk about light. It’s strange that it didn’t come up before. Most likely it is because normally in these debates my father and I set ourselves up as antagonists and here, when it comes to light, it is difficult to know who is to blame.

Sometimes the fault lies with the electricity companies, more and more. Until two days ago it was the government’s fault. In July, we were talking about reeds, on a terrace, that Amancio Ortega had bought 5% of the electricity grid, as in Monopoly. A month ago, the culprits were Putin and the gas that travels in pipelines from north to south. In the middle, apparently, some swamps were emptied and there were those who did not feel good about that, and again the electrics brought out their serious laugh as a bad guy. From time to time, speaking to my friends, the big culprit is ultimately climate change. And, little by little, looking for the reason why the electricity bill rises, we reached the global collapse. Wanting to understand the electricity bill leads us to global collapse. Fuck.

And it turns out that, while all this is happening, all these meaningless conversations, whether avoiding the subject or surrounding it like an incomprehensible sculpture of contemporary art, it turns out that, despite all this, we have to keep putting washing machines. Since this summer, there have been people who wake up at strange hours to fill the drum with clothes, spill some detergent out of the drawer – sleep – and go back to bed or go to work. They don’t know why they do it, but they do it. The electrics are also dominating our schedules.

Until recently, the media were able to speak to citizens precisely in that universal unit of energy that is “the washing machine”, the price of the washing machine. At the moment, unfortunately, it seems that there is no longer an appliance that can save us. Nobody understands what is happening. Neither do I. Not even as I write this article. I want to think that Minister Teresa Ribera does know what she is talking about. But I would also like to know exactly which citizens she is addressing when she says: “It will be important to remember, as with the free rate, that this greater security means that part of the risk premium for reducing volatility is internalized and, therefore Therefore, we must be cautious with regard to which indicators are indexed and when this modification occurs “. Sorry for the length of the quote, I hope you have not stopped reading. If someone has fallen by the wayside, I don’t blame them.

In front of the prose of the Swedish instruction manual of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, we have the daily narrative from the front pages of newspapers. Electricity has been breaking records for days and days. There was a time when I believed that the Olympics would never end. Returning to the statements of Minister Ribera, that the media speak of the record in the price of that mysterious unit that is the kilowatt hour, reminds me of when in 2008 the “risk premium” began to appear in journalistic language, which now He reappears and I still don’t really know who he is. In my teenage imagination that cousin was riding in the passenger seat after a night out and the car was speeding faster and faster. Now, more than a decade later, the same cousin falls down a reservoir waterfall like a water park and, I don’t know why, my stomach turns over. I’m worried about that mysterious cousin I’ve grown up with.

Why doesn’t anyone understand about the light? I guess the answer is actually easy: nobody wants us to understand. Nobody ever wanted us to understand the bill and they still don’t want us to do it now. Just like later, nobody will want to unite the causes with the consequences. Causes and consequences are euphemisms for victim and executioner. The famous cousin floats in a swamp and I don’t know if she’s dead or she’s dead. I don’t see too many people who care about that either. They lower taxes and threaten to close nuclear power plants. It looks like Netflix, but it is Spain. Threatening seems like a schoolyard bully to me. Threatening to stop producing energy, a kidnapping. The electricians, kidnappers. How long will Stockholm syndrome last?

It is difficult to have a good opinion without having done a good analysis. It costs me too much today. The ways of the Lord are inscrutable and always lead to not stop paying. Unless you live in the Cathedral of Santiago, then electricity is free. Well, not free, we all pay for it. Does that touch communism? Meanwhile, at family after-dinner parties we continue to argue without criteria, listening to the noise of the washing machine in the background. The debate does not last long, tomorrow you have to get up early. Hopefully soon we get up early to demonstrate.