Monday, August 15

Oppo announces CarLink, a rival for Android Auto that wants to reach 15 million cars by 2022

OPPO today held its developer conference, in which they announced CarLink, your vehicle software solution. CarLink comes to be a solid rival of Android Auto O Apple CarPlay, integrated both in the vehicle itself and in an application to control certain functions of the same.

This is OPPO’s bet for the smart vehicle

OPPO hasn’t given too many technical details about CarLink, but it has announced the solution and explained its purpose. CarLink is a solution that aims to reach 15 million smart cars next year.

Oppo CarLink is a software platform that wants to interconnect the phone with our car

The main purpose is to create an interconnected software platform between various devices, mainly cars, but also valid for motorcycles.

In some of the images that the presentation has given us, we see an interface similar to that of Apple CarPlay, at least in the GPS interface that they have shown. CarLink will allow to project the mobile screen on the vehicle, access its notifications, receive calls, manage applications and more.


Also, through the mobile app, we can use the phone as a digital key for our vehicle, something for which ultra-broadband technology (UWB) is currently being used, as rivals like Samsung already do. The goal is that vehicle and mobile (also smartwatch) are interconnected, communicating to offer a more “native” experience.

CarLink is expected to start making an appearance in 2022, with an ambitious plan to reach 15 million cars. OPPO assures that it has agreements with more than 70 companies to make it possible. It remains to be seen if CarLink stays in China or tries to conquer Europe, where Android Auto and CarPlay are the main accessories in the infotainment system of vehicles.