Wednesday, August 17

Oppo launches Carlink, its system for smart cars | Digital Trends Spanish

Like Android and Apple, Oppo also wants to have a solution for what are known as smart cars. And that is why they have presented a system called Oppo Carlink.

Oppo seeks to bring this system not only to cars, but also to other less complex vehicles such as, scooters. The company wants Carlink to be available in 15 million cars by 2022, which is quite an ambitious goal.

Carlink will offer various interconnection options between the car and devices such as smart watches, telephones or even screens: digital keys, data and statistics display or certain levels of control.

According to Oppo, they are already working with more than 70 companies that manufacture cars and four-wheelers, in order to meet the goal of rolling out Carlink across various models.


But another of Oppo’s goals is to increase the integration between the systems of traditional smart devices – phones or tablets – and that of cars, which is still a segment that is still in full expansion. To do this, they have established an organization called the Open Alliance for Intelligent Connected Vehicles, in order to create a standard.

Carlink will likely not be built entirely from scratch, instead it will be based on the features currently packed within Android Auto. Oppo already uses Android as the base operating system for their phones, so it makes perfect sense to use it as a starting point and even more so if the goal is to create an industry standard.

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