Monday, August 8

Oppo presents its new progressive optical zoom | Digital Trends Spanish

Oppo has taken advantage of a special event to present some of the main innovations in the cameras of its devices.

One of the biggest announcements is a telephoto lens with continuous optical zoom. The company’s engineers have succeeded in developing this new progressive optical zoom with an equivalent focal length of 85-200mm.

Oppo explains that one of the keys to this progressive optical zoom is that two of the lenses that intervene in the optics are high-precision elements, which can minimize light scattering.

An optical stabilization system has also been implemented that manages to more effectively compensate for vibrations, according to what the firm has indicated.


One of the main advantages this progressive optical zoom offers is that it should be able to deliver very high image quality throughout the entire focal length range.

Thus, the sharpness and level of detail provided by this lens should not be affected regardless of the focal length used by the user.

Oppo announced a similar product for its Apex 2020 phone, but there the range was much more limited (around 130-195mm).

This Oppo module starts at 85mm, a common focal length for portraits, which should make it much more versatile.

According to the company, using a camera at longer focal lengths also ensures better performance in terms of color and white balance.

For now, Oppo has not revealed when it will launch this camera on a commercial device.

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