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Oppo Reno6 Pro review: attractive design, balanced specs

“The device has a very careful design and a selection of features that make it a balanced product, although its price is quite high compared to the competition”


  • Excellent design

  • IP57 certification

  • Good performance


  • High price compared to the competition

  • It does not have 120 Hz

Oppo recently released the Oppo Reno6 and Oppo Reno6 Pro, two mid-high-end devices that are very different from each other both inside and out. We recently published the analysis of the Oppo Reno6, a phone that, to be honest, surprised us for good. Have we had the same feelings with his older brother?

While there are several points where the Reno6 Pro stands out, two of the most obvious are its design and screen.

Let’s see what are the strengths and weaknesses of the new Oppo Reno6 Pro in this in-depth analysis.

Display and layout

The Oppo Reno6 Pro is much more conventional in its appearance than the standard model, as it maintains the curved lines that are a trend in the current Android market. Its sides are made of polished aluminum, which gives it a very well finished look and overall a more premium feel than the Reno6.

The back of this phone is also covered with the Oppo Glow glass that, being made up of several crystals, makes it very resistant while preventing it from being filled with fingerprints and stains. The Oppo Reno6 Pro is certified for resistance to water and dust IP57, higher than that of the standard model.

The module that houses the rear cameras protrudes enough that the phone does not hold steady when placed on a surface, but it is normal for such a thin device (8 millimeters). On the right side we find the lock button; on the left, those of volume. In its lower margin is the USB-C input, one of the two speakers and the DualSIM tray.

Power and autonomy

One of the big differences between the two Oppo Reno6 is inside. And is that the heart that drives this device is much higher than the regular model thanks to the inclusion of a Snapdragon 870 processor accompanied by 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage.

Oppo Reno 6 Pro

The phone performs very well in all situations; even with demanding games like Genshin Impact we found impeccable performance. In daily use it does not present problems of lags Not jerking, though: the device heats up easily when we put it through hard work.

As for the battery, the device has a 4,500 mAh battery with a 65-watt SuperVOOC fast charging system (the one at home). With the charger – included in the box – the time to complete a full charge was about 35 minutes. Regarding its autonomy, the days in which I gave it exhaustive use with the screen in variable mode (which changes the rate from 60 to 90 Hz if the app requires it and is compatible) the battery reached the end of the day with 20 percent charge. With the screen at 60 Hz I made it to the end of the day without having to charge the phone.

The fingerprint sensor is located on the screen and both this and the unlocking system work accurately and quickly.


In the photographic section, the Reno6 Pro is equipped with a quad camera on its rear consisting of a 50 MP main lens accompanied by a 16 MP ultra-wide angle, a 13 MP telephoto lens with a five-magnification hybrid zoom and a macro sensor. of 2 MP.

In good light conditions the Oppo Reno6 Pro offers photographs with brilliant colors and an impeccable level of sharpness. As is usually the case with most of the brand’s phones, it tends to saturate some tones (especially cold ones, such as blue or purple) due to the processing applied by the software (hopefully they will correct it soon).

The dynamic range is very balanced, so we can rest easy to shoot without having to apply HDR mode.

The telephoto has a 2x optical, 5x hybrid and 10x digital zoom. In good light, 2x and 5x photos are good, although at night they lose a lot of sharpness. In the case of 10x, the results are not as good and are generally images with a lot of noise and paste.

The macro sensor has a dedicated mode, but we did not use it because the results are not very good. Many times it was better to take photos with the 50 MP sensor closer, since the photos with the macro have a lot of noise and very poor quality.

Finally, the portrait mode has a good level of sharpness, and although the subject and background cropping is not perfect, it does the job almost every time. In this mode the colors are also quite saturated, especially with the front camera.


The Oppo Reno6 Pro leaves us a bittersweet feeling, but not because of it but because of how it compares on the market and with its little brother. The device has a very careful design and a selection of features that make it a balanced product, although its price is quite high compared to the competition.

For the 799 euros it costs (about $ 924 dollars) we expected characteristics that would face it more strongly against rivals such as the Xiaomi 11T Pro. If you are interested in this family of devices and your budget is low, the Oppo Reno6 is an option to take into account, as it does not have so many differences with the Pro model and its price is almost 300 euros lower.

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