Wednesday, October 20

Oppo shows another attempt of front camera under the screen | Digital Trends Spanish

Oppo again shows an attempt at camera technology under the screen; this would be his third attempt, after the first one presented in June 2019.

According to the company, this new version allows a selfie camera to be placed on the front “without compromising the integrity of the screen.”

In previous bets, the Chinese manufacturer had improved the quality of the camera at the expense of the screen, reducing the pixel density in the area that the camera covers as a way to allow more light to enter.


On this occasion, the company has chosen another path, reducing the size of each pixel without reducing the number of pixels, thus guaranteeing a high-quality 400 ppi screen even in the camera area.

At the same time it has replaced the traditional wiring of the screen with a transparent material.

According to Oppo, users should now notice almost no visual difference between the part of the screen the camera is on and the rest of the screen.

Oppo shows another front camera attempt under the screen

As a way to back up this claim, he has posted an image of a phone prototype showing a black and white e-book application spanning the entire screen.

The company also displays a photo supposedly taken by this camera under the screen. It is an image in very good quality, with high sharpness.

Oppo shows another front camera attempt under the screen

Although users can be satisfied and expectant with these samples, we will have to wait to see if the company manages to carry out this technology and develop it massively.

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