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Oppo would be working on an innovative retractable camera | Digital Trends Spanish

The Oppo company could be working on a major innovation in the field of mobile photography.

It is a retractable camera, which could be expanded when the user needs to use the camera application, with this they could experiment and test with the different movements of the lens and obtain better results.

This technology would also allow the camera body not to protrude when not in use, which would protect it from shocks at the same time.


The company could show more details about this system on December 14 and 15 when it holds its annual Inno Day event. It should be remembered that in its latest version, the company took advantage of this activity to announce a roll-up phone and augmented reality glasses.

As a preview, Oppo has published a video on Twitter where it is possible to appreciate its retractable camera proposal. Although at the moment, the company has not reported the main advantages of this system, it is expected to do so during the presentation next week.

Most pop-ups are annoying…

But not our self-developed retractable camera! 😉

Explore more in INNO WORLD on 12/14.# OPPOINNODAY2021

& mdash; OPPO (@oppo) December 7, 2021

In the video, the camera module features a lens that could be the main camera lens, surrounded by a square frame. Once the camera app is activated, the frame begins to protrude and hides when it is no longer in use.

For now, this innovative technology is called RetractableCam and is water resistant, according to what has been stated by the technology firm. It would also make a comfortable accessory and it wouldn’t be annoying like most pop-up cameras.

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