Thursday, July 7

“Opportunity for reconciliation”: the pardons of the procés, seen from the international media

The decision of the Socialist Government to grant pardon to the nine prisoners of the procés has crossed the borders through the main international media. The will for “harmony and coexistence” expressed by Pedro Sánchez at the Liceu theater has been collected by media such as Financial Times, The Guardian or the Washington Post, analyzing the possible consequences of the release of the independence leaders after almost four years in prison.

The British Financial times publishes an editorial titled ‘Catalan pardons offer a possibility of reconciliation‘, with a subtitle in which they affirm that “Pedro Sánchez is right in seeking a way out of political paralysis and social division.” In the text it is considered that “the harsh prison sentences responded to the harshness of the Spanish penal code and the thirst for revenge of many Spaniards against those who wanted to break the country, but they have not managed to heal the wounds of a divided Catalonia nor have they helped to Spain to find a solution for a region with a strong political and cultural identity “.

From this newspaper they insist that these pardons “are not a concession to the nine politicians who remained in prison, but to the millions of Catalans who voted for them” and they criticize that the Popular Party “opposes the pardons but does not offer solutions.”

The perspective of The Times, which grants the news the opening of the international bloc and is not limited to covering the government’s decision, but also includes an interview with Jordi Cuixart from prison in which he criticizes the grace measure. In it, titled as “the Catalan leader bets on continuing to fight despite pardons“The idea is insisted that getting the independence prisoners out of prison will not solve the conflict in Catalonia.

In addition, from the middle, other possible consequences of the pardons are raised in a column titled ‘The Spanish president’s commitment to calm could fuel tensions in Catalonia‘, opening the text with a quote from Ortega y Gasset in which it is stated that “the Catalan problem is a problem that cannot be solved, it can only be borne.” The author assures that this decision by Pedro Sánchez is a risky bet to which 60% of his voters oppose and in which he runs the risk of destabilizing his own government.

Other media that have covered the decision to release the independence prisoners are the BBC, Il Corriere della Sera, Le Figaro, or the Washington Post, which highlights the criticism of the “slight majority” of Spaniards and the report against the Supreme Court, but at the same time considers the decision as the biggest change in government policies towards Catalonia since “the chaotic independence referendum four years ago “. On The Guardian they point out that the decision to grant the grace measure is “controversial” and they collect the words of the Spanish president in his act before the Liceu.

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