Tuesday, March 28

Optimus Prime has a bedtime story for you | Digital Trends Spanish

Calm, the app specializing in content to meditate, concentrate and sleep, launched a children’s story based on the Transformers and narrated by Peter Cullen, the dubbing actor who gave voice to the character Optimus Prime in the eighties and also in the movies Directed by Michael Bay.

In a statement, Calm described the tale, called “History of the Transformers,” as “a relaxing one that blends music, sound effects, and incredible voice talent that help immerse you in dreamland.” . The synopsis of the story on Calm’s page describes it as “an epic tale of the origin of the Autobots and Decepticons.”

Calm also noted that the story reveals details about both sides, beyond the iconic comic series. Transformers: MPray Than Meets The Eye (It’s the same stanza as the original 1980s cartoon theme.) In addition, it promotes values ​​such as leadership, friendship and courage, as well as interest in STEM disciplines, an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and, in short, seeks to get children interested in science and technology.

If your kids are avid Transformers fans and you have a Calm subscription, you probably have a surprise for tonight. By the way, you can listen to a preview of the story here.

If you’re interested in a Calm subscription instead, you can start a seven-day trial. If you’re convinced, you can pay $14.99 for a monthly subscription or $69.99 for a yearly one.

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