Monday, May 16

Orange seals with the unions a pre-agreement of ERE for 400 people in Spain

The management of Orange and the unions have reached this morning a preliminary agreement for the ERE in Spain, which goes through 400 voluntary dismissals, half at most in the form of early retirement, and for compensation of up to 62 days per year worked depending on the level salary, according to EFE with UGT sources.

The Orange union sections have decided to accept the latest offer presented by the company after a meeting that began this Monday at 12.25 noon and concluded at dawn on Tuesday around one in the morning, with some intermediate breaks, according to sources. union, who have pointed out that the agreement is at the expense of the endorsement of the staff.

Orange’s offer has gone through reducing the ERE to 400 people -85 less than those initially proposed- with the possibility of leaving from all places, except those that are strategic for the company. The ERE modality is voluntary, but with the possibility of veto or deferral of departures due to production needs.

The assignment period will be until July 31 and the fixed compensation ranges between 57 days and 62 days per year worked depending on the salary received, 50,000 euros for the first case, and 27,000 for the last. Among other points, a compensation limit of 42 monthly payments has been set for gross fixed salaries of more than 50,000 euros.

Regarding early retirements, the maximum number of possible beneficiaries is increased to 200 and the secondment is opened for the workforce that turns 54 until December 31, 2022. In the event that the number is not reached, they will be able to join until that time is reached. cap people who meet them before 31, 2023.

The pre-agreement also includes the guarantees to the employees who remain in the company, to whom the same guarantees as those signed in 2016 are offered. Thus, Orange undertakes not to execute a new ERE within two years, nor to tackle collective outsourcing processes for one year with direct job destruction or forced geographic mobility.

From the UGT, they consider that this preliminary agreement is a “success of collective bargaining” and a triumph of the will of a staff that has been by the side of their representatives throughout the process. He has also recognized the “flexibility” of leadership.