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Orban announces a referendum on the law that enrages Brussels and the LGBT community




The Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, announced today that it will hold a referendum to evaluate internal support for the controversial law affecting the LGTB community, after the European Commission opened an infringement file against Budapest. “Brussels has clearly attacked Hungary in recent weeks over the law that prohibits the promotion of homosexuality among minors“Said the prime minister in a video posted on his Facebook page.

He then listed five questions that could appear in the popular consultation, such as whether Hungarians accept that the school “talk about sexuality with their children without their consent”, whether they support “the promotion of treatment for sex change for minors ”or the presentation in schools“ without restrictions to minors of media content of a sexual nature that affects their development ”.

Orban, who has not set a date for the consultation, asks Hungarians to answer “no” to all questions on issues that, according to him, are demands that the majority within the European Union wants to impose on Hungary.

The European Union and Hungary are locked in a legal tug of war over a law for the protection of minors, adopted on June 15, which prohibits teachers from talking about homosexuality and sex change to children in schools. The EU Executive considers the law discriminatory against people from the homosexual community, and has opened an infringement file against Hungary, which can lead to the Court of Justice of the EU and later lead to the adoption of financial sanctions.

Since the conservative Orban’s return to power in 2010, the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights have repeatedly condemned Hungary for its judicial or media-related reforms, refugees, NGOs, universities or minorities. But the law that affects the homosexual minority is the one that is causing the most impact, both in the European Council and in the Commission and the EU Parliament.

The environmental mayor of Budapest, Gregory Christmas, reacted to the announcement of the referendum believing that it is a strategy to divert the attention of Hungarians from other issues. “I am organizing my own referendum to ask Hungarians what they think of the management of the coronavirus pandemic, the installation of a Chinese university in the capital and the sale of roads,” the Hungarian opposition politician joked on Facebook.

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