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Orbit Fab wants to be the first gas station in space | Digital Trends Spanish

Taking a trip into space (and back to Earth) requires significant fuel consumption.

This has become one of the great challenges for the different missions, because carrying more fuel means carrying more weight, which always ends up being an obstacle.

Now, a startup has an innovative project that could solve the problem of fuel in space missions.

The company Orbit Fab has announced its plans to develop a kind of space gas station. For this, the company has partnered with SpaceX, so this station could be sent into space in late 2022 or early next.

Orbi Fat.

The firm has explained that the objective is to leave Tanker-002, the name given to the invention, in the geostationary orbit of the Earth. That is where most of its clients are interested, as explained by the company.

Possible users include the United States Department of Defense and other intelligence services.

In July, Orbit Fab carried out its first test launch, sending the first of these modules into space.

This first version has a weight of 45 kilograms and the Tanker-002 is expected to climb almost 100 kilograms.

The tanks at this station will be loaded with hydrazine, which is a type of fuel used for some rockets and spacecraft.

The company also explained that the idea is to locate these modules a few hundred kilometers from the geostationary belt so as not to “crowd the orbit.”

Thus, when one of the customers needs fuel, the gas station will move to place itself in the same orbit and meet the customer so that they can load the fuel.

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