Sunday, March 26

Orcas perform ritual cash to hunt a seal | Digital Trends Spanish

An impressive video recording was shown by the BBC in its program Frozen Planets, where it reveals the killer whale intelligence to hunt a seal in the Arctic.

“This pod of killer whales uses incredible tactics to hunt seals protected by ice rafts. Only about 100 killer whales in the world use this remarkable technique,” the BBC says in the video’s description.

What exactly is this stalking about? It is about four killer whales attacking a Weddell seal. The seal had found shelter on a shelf made of ice that floated on the water, and the killer whales moved there, swimming side by side and creating a wave that split the seal’s large ice shelf into a smaller one, making her vulnerable.

As David Attenborough explains in the documentary, there are only about 100 killer whales on Earth that use this sophisticated coordinated hunting technique, one known as “shocking waves.”

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