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Order pizzas with your mind? Domino’s and Netflix make it possible | Digital Trends Spanish

What if you could order pizza with the power of your mind alone? Well, that is what the new application intends mind ordering from Domino’s, a company that has teamed up with Netflix to present the newest – and strangest – thing that has come out of the Hawkins National Laboratory in recent times (which is no small thing).

Domino’s app mind ordering is a new immersive experience that places “test subjects” inside the Hawkins National Laboratory, Indiana, transporting them to the center of the events of Stranger Things, in 1986. Users can explore the lab, discover surprises, use their telekinetic powers to gain control of certain objects, and – best of all – place a Domino’s Easy Order.

But how is it possible?

Domino’s mental ordering app uses facial recognition and eye-tracking technology to allow test subjects to “use their powers” to order pizza by making certain facial expressions and head movements.

To place an order using the app Domino’s mind orderingtest subjects must have a Pizza Profile with a Easy Order (Easy Order) saved existing. Test subjects can choose to explore the Hawkins National Laboratory for fun, no order required.

“We are excited to launch this mental ordering app (mind ordering), the first of its kind, just in time for the premiere of the new season of stranger things”, said Kate Trumbull, senior vice president of product and brand innovation at Domino’s. “Now, craving customers and fans of stranger things (in the US) will get a taste of what it’s like to be Eleven, encountering some hidden surprises along the way, like the Noid or the Demogorgon himself.”

How the Domino’s app was created mind ordering? Scientists at the Hawkins National Laboratory made a mind-boggling discovery…although things didn’t go exactly as planned. In fact, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) witnessed a series of events that led to the creation of Domino’s mental ordering app in

The new Domino’s app mind ordering is available to download from app store or in google play. Oh, and for “nostalgic pizza lovers,” Domino’s is launching a retro 1980s pizza box for medium and large pizzas (excluding Handmade Pan pizzas) for a limited time in the US, while supplies last.

The fourth season of stranger things premieres on Netflix on May 27 (part one) and July 1 (part two).

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