Friday, May 27

Order their rich and delicious Oaxacan tamales… for dogs!

“Ask for your delicious Oaxacan tamales, your rich and delicious have arrived Oaxacan tamales”, in the streets this quick cry makes all the members of the house jump, from the one who gets up in pajamas to try to catch up with the tamale maker on a bicycle, to the “dog” who craves everything he sees, even though he can’t always eat it. Now everything is possible: there is already special tamales for dogs.

Tamalitos Doña Bimba is a project created by Manu and Leslie, who were inspired by their 13-year-old dog, Bimba, whom they describe as extremely cute, name and CEO of the company.

It is a new version of Oaxacan tamales in banana leaf, wrapped with ingredients suitable for a canine diet, natural, handmade and without preservatives.

At the beginning of December 2021 they began to announce their peculiar products on Instagram, a complement to pamper the “lomitos” that is added to their usual diet with the aim of diversifying and strengthening it without risking their health, since in principle not all the ingredients daily are fit for consumption.

They arrive just in time for the Candlemas day, the largest tamaliza of the year in Mexico, the ideal time to treat the “perrhijos” to a tamale.

What are dog tamales made of?

Here there is no chili, sweet and butter, but there are wet ingredients such as meat, vegetables and grains, for example rice, sesame, carrot and an important part is ground meat and beef heart.

Each tamale weighs about 120 grams, they are steamed in a banana leaf, the quintessential ecological wrapper.

The fillings are backed by previous research to find out the right proportion and value for pets, they use, for example, amaranth, which, they explain, contains vitamins A, B and C, improves heart health and freshens the breath of dogs.

Each tamale costs 20 pesos and in a package of 8 tamales it has a value of 145 pesos, they also have a special wholesale price, “pure pigtails for joy”, they announce.

Where to buy dog ​​tamales?

They have points of sale in several places in Mexico City:

You can also order them through their social networks:

Facebook: Tamalitos Doña Bimba.

Instagram: @ tamalitos.bimba