Thursday, October 28

Ordered the confinement of new towns on La Palma after an industrial estate burned due to lava

The Technical Directorate of the Volcanic Emergency Plan of the Canary Islands (Pevolca) has ordered this Monday the confinement of new populations on La Palma due to the fact that it has entered into combustion, due to contact with the lava from the Cumbre Vieja volcano, a cement factory in the industrial estate of Callejón de la Gata, in Los Llanos de Aridane. This measure will be maintained, Miguel Ángel Morcuende, Pevolca’s technical director, explained, until it is verified that the air quality is good and allows “a normal life”. The gases resulting from that fire are being analyzed. It is, therefore, the confinement of the areas near that polygon, which means a population of about 3,000 people.

During the afternoon, he explained, a new statement will be issued to announce whether or not this restrictive measure taken to preserve the health of residents in those areas is maintained or not.

The confined areas are the spaces between the intersection of La Cruz Chica with the LP-2 highway, continuing west until the intersection with Nicolás Brito Pais, continuing until the ring road, and through this, until the Hoyas Hondas roundabout. From that point, Morcuende has indicated, the entire area affected by the August fire is also included up to the El Paso soccer field, including the area west of the LP-3 highway and up to the roundabout of The hat.

“Remarkable” growth of castings

Regarding the updating of the data, Morcuende explained that in the last hours there has been a lot of fluidity and contribution of lava, which has caused some overflows of this with respect to the main wash that are “perfectly guarded and monitored”. These flows have increased the affected area to 591 hectares, which is 65.33 more than the day before. “It is a remarkable increase, of more than 10%”, has highlighted Morcuende.

On the other hand, the maximum width is still about 1,520 meters. The buildings affected, according to the cadastre data, are 753, of which 620 are homes, 70 are tool rooms, 29 with industrial use, 19 are leisure and hospitality buildings and 15 are other buildings, such as schools or dispensaries.

As for the affected crops, there are already 150 hectares of land, of which 74.82 are banana trees, 45.16 are vineyards and 8.78 are avocado trees.

Increased seismicity, but at medium and high depth levels

The Pevolca technical director explained that a large number of earthquakes continue to occur, but that most of them are very deep, between 10 and more than 30 kilometers.

(There will be update)

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