Saturday, June 10

Orders Now join the Panamanian soccer family

in the auditorium of the Panamanian Football Federation (Fepafut) was carried out, the signing of the agreement for one year between that sports organization and ordersYa, turning this application into the official delivery of the Panama soccer team.

Manuel Aries, President of Fepafut, He highlighted the importance of adding OrdensYa as one of the great allies of Panamanian soccer.

“The arrival of OrdensYa in our football will allow us to push harder the work we have been doing in national teams, professional football, amateur football, futsal and everything that is regulated by Fepafut. Our football is in a stage of great evolution and it is important that the big brands join our project. For a long time, OrdensYa has been inside the homes of all Panamanians and now they will begin to play the tie with us, with the same World Cup illusion that all Panamanians have.”

ordersYa, one of the leaders in delivery in Latin America, pointed out that support for sports and soccer in particular is an important pillar, which is why the agreement with Fepafut joins similar alliances with the soccer associations of Argentina, Bolivia, Honduras, Peru and Uruguay.

“At OrdensYa we are really proud to be part of one of the moments that Panamanians like and excite the most: Watching their team play. As a brand, we wanted to finalize this sponsorship with Fepafut because we know that there is a natural relationship between football and food and drink orders. We are pleased to accompany the fans to enjoy the games from the comfort of their homes, with the possibility of asking for what they need: from snacks to watch the game, drinks to celebrate the victory and even painkillers to cure the throat of so much shouting goal ”, he commented Ronel Gaglio, CEO of OrdenYa Panama.

This alliance will benefit both the users of the app and the affiliated businesses, since during the season of Panama’s matches, OrdensYa will have different promotions and discounts to watch soccer with friends and family in the cities where the application has operations: Panama City, Colón, La Chorrera, Arraiján, Coronado, Penonomé, Aguadulce, Chitré, La Villa, Las Tablas, Santiago, David, Boquete and Bugaba.

“For a few months we have been talking with OrdensYa seeing the possibility of them joining as one of the great sponsors of the Panamanian Soccer Federation and our national teams. Today we can say that a large multinational is already part of our family. We are very happy to be able to forge an alliance with the leading delivery company in Latin America. This sponsorship is important because it helps us to continue innovating and modernizing Panamanian soccer”, he commented. Daniel Brawermann, Commercial Director of Fepafut.