Monday, September 25

Ortuzar on the 127th anniversary of the PNV: “We are loyal, but Sánchez must go from good empty words to deeds”

“We are loyal and we fulfill our commitments. We believe that there is a sufficient majority to do things and do them well, to take advantage of time and promote reforms, far-reaching reforms, not cosmetic measures like the ones we are seeing. We are in favor of giving maximum stability to the institutions at such a difficult economic time (…) but Sánchez and his team must move from good but hollow words to deeds”, said the president of the EBB of the PNV, Andoni Ortuzar in the celebration of the 127th anniversary of his party, which took place this Sunday in Bilbao.

In his speech, Ortuzar addressed the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to assure him that his party is “loyal” and fulfills its commitments, for which he has demanded that the President of the Government and his team have the same attitude towards the PNV and that pass “from the good but empty words, to the facts”. “September is around the corner. Let’s hope that, this time, they will pass the exam that we are going to give them”, he warned, to show his desire that they pass it, “but they have to take advantage of August”, he pointed out, according to Europa Press.

Ortuzar has alluded to the words of the President of the Government in the debate on the State of the Nation, where he wanted to convey the idea that “everything was going great, there were no problems, and if there were, they were not created by him”. “There were no relationship problems with the partners. There were no problems in complying with the agreements signed, among others, with the PNV. There was no need to modify the Government’s line of action because it was aligned with Europe. In short, all honey on flakes. But the reality is different”, he warned.

As the PNV leader has underlined, the events themselves and the measures taken by Sánchez just after the debate “show that there are external and internal problems that must be addressed correctly and courageously, beyond that somewhat puerile effort to demonstrate more leftist profile than anyone”. After pointing out that the “Spanish right-wing media” is trying to “tangle” to distance the PNV from the Government, saying that Bildu is “eating their toast in Madrid”, he reiterated that the PNV opted for the Sánchez Government at the beginning of the legislature and he keeps doing it.

Faced with those who “seem to be in the ‘the worse the better’ and want to force elections”, Andoni Ortuzar has highlighted that the PNV is in favor of governing “with determination and putting in place measures to alleviate the crisis and the uncertainties that are on the horizon ”. “For that we are going to give all our support and know how to do it. We are on time, it is possible to redirect the situation”, he pointed out.

“Fight” in the nationalist left

On the other hand, the nationalist leader has alluded to the “not very edifying spectacle” seen these days with “fights between young people, attempts to veto people in festive venues for being ertzaina, attacks on people shouting zipayo, brawls over who can or cannot you can put txosnas…”. “We also see an attempt to appropriate, by one and the other, the Basque youth as a whole, which, fortunately, is much larger, more plural and more sensible than these ideologized and intolerant groups. And, behind all this, a ruthless fight for the political control of young people”, he warned, lamenting the “quite intolerant fight, not at all democratic and in which the positive values ​​that are supposed to be a healthy youth.

“If it weren’t for the fact that all this is serious and worrying, don’t tell me that it’s not funny that those who come to make the revolution and change the system, those who call us ‘the elite’ and they are the ‘new proletariat’ , these who fill their mouths with speeches of communist ethics, then beat themselves up for putting txosnas, and beat themselves up for the money they collect in those txosnas. What a class conscience! What a height of debate! Txosnas and money, and then they will say that we are the opium of the people”, he pointed out to hundreds of followers gathered in the Albia Gardens, together with Sabin Etxea.

Faced with these facts, he has demanded that the leaders of the nationalist left not put themselves “in profile, as it does not go with them”. Likewise, to avoid accusations against the PNV that it uses these events politically, he has said that “the best way for nobody to use them is for them not to happen.” “So let’s get to work: everyone has to overcome their contradictions and this is up to them,” he added.

Recommendations for September

Like other Basque leaders, Ortuzar has warned citizens of the crisis that may come in September, and has recommended starting to save. He has urged attendees to enjoy the holidays, but has warned that September will be “important” and therefore it is necessary to prepare for “if they come hard, in such a way that each one will have to face the difficulties with responsibility and intelligence” . “This is not only the task of governments, of institutions… it is everyone’s task and there must be a social and citizen response in terms of savings, responsible consumption”, he indicated, while asking “not to spend it all on vacation” and “leave something” for the Alderdi Eguna and for “autumn, in case things go wrong”.