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Oscar 2022: where to see the candidates for best animated film | Digital Trends Spanish

It is interesting “the journey” that can be done just by seeing the candidates for best animated film at the 2022 Oscar Awards, from a magical house in the Colombian mountains to a town on the Italian coast. And if you’re wondering where to view the tapes, we’ll give you some clues.

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Nominees for best animated film


The Madrigal family lives in a magical house in the Colombian mountains, in addition to the fact that all the members have magical powers, except Mirabel, which generates frustration for him. However, she is the only one of the group who discovers that magic is in danger, so she will become the last hope. The film has songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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Impossible to escape from the past, since it is part of each one’s history, so why keep a painful fact hidden for more than 20 years? It is time for Amin Nawabi to speak. flee is an animation by director Jonas Poher Rasmussen, an autobiographical tale that recounts the extraordinary journey of a child refugee from Afghanistan.



In a town on the Italian coast, a teenager spends an unforgettable summer together with his new friend Alberto. All is well until a secret emerges that could ruin the party for them: they are actually two sea monsters from the bottom of the ocean. The direction is by Enrico Casarosa, while the production is carried out by Andrea Warren.

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The Mitchells vs. The Machines

Each of the Mitchells has their own (strange) quirks, however, the family must work together to face an unexpected threat: the robot apocalypse. And it is that electronic devices with a chip form a rebellion against their owners. Thus, the last hope depends on the road trip and the skills of the Mitchells.


Raya and the last dragon

People and dragons lived in harmony, however, the latter sacrificed themselves to save humanity. After 500 years, Raya, a warrior, must find a legendary dragon, the last of her kind, in order to stop the evil force that threatens her land again. Don Hall and Carlos López Estrada are the directors of the film.

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Nominees for best animated short

Affairs of the Art

Beryl’s obsession with art is unique; however, a pregnancy brought her aspirations as her creator to a halt. She now—as a middle-aged woman and factory worker—she tries to recapture her passion, and in the process shows the different obsessions that each member of her eccentric family has.


The apparently ordinary life of a secret police agent during the military dictatorship in Chile is narrated, however, little by little, more of her fractured personality begins to be revealed, of the dirty work that she must carry out against those who are detained due to their beliefs. policies.


Two completely different people meet: the ballerina Olya and the tough boxer Evgeny. Both share a feeling of fragility, but the question is whether they will be willing to trust each other.

robin robin

Robin is not an ordinary bird: in addition to not being able to fly like the others, she was raised by a family of mice. Their differences become more and more apparent as she grows older, which also causes her to reflect on who she really is beyond physical appearances.


The Windshield Wiper

Who dares to answer the question of what is love? Faced with such a complex task, it is best to “watch” moments in which it is represented, from a match on Tinder to the loss of a loved one.


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