Wednesday, May 18

Óscar Puente charges against Toni Cantó after his new position in the Spanish Office: “It’s crap and he’s going to charge 75,000 euros for scratching his balls with two hands”

The PSOE spokesman and mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente, has uploaded on Twitter against Toni Cantó after his new position in the Office of Spanish: “It’s a shit and a memo,” he tweeted this morning. “For those who find it a lot that a mayor charges € 86,000 a year, with a city under his charge, 3,200 workers and a budget of 360 million, and not having Sundays or holidays to keep, think that Cantó Toni is going to charge € 75,000 for scratching the eggs with 2 hands, “he criticized.

This Thursday the prosecutor and general director of Legal Security and Public Faith, Sofía Puente, recalled that Toni Cantó criticized her appointment for being the sister of Óscar Puente and not for her professional experience. Sofía Puente has worked in the Cádiz, Plasencia, Zamora, Palencia and Valladolid Prosecutor’s Offices, has been a delegated prosecutor for violence against women, was director of the Center for Legal Studies and a member of the Fiscal Council between 2014 and 2018.

However, Toni Cantó attributed the appointment of Sofía Puente to her brother and spoke of “nepotism pure and simple.” “Toni has tweeted mercilessly, he was the first and of the few, who without knowing ANYTHING about me, dared to express his opinion guided by his constant need to make amends for everything. I remember this tweet (unfortunate and wrong as is customary in him). Rather than thinking badly, it demands greatness “, tweeted the general director of Legal Security.

Faced with this tweet, the Socialist Party spokesman has described Toni Cantó as “memo” and “shit” that does not reach Sofía Puente “to the sole of the shoe.” “If he had a little gram of shame and decency he would have already gone to work on his own. But he prefers to continue eating the silly soup that is what he has dedicated himself to in politics, in addition to poisoning,” he reproached on Twitter.

The mayor of Valladolid has recognized that these accusations sound “strong”, but he has vindicated them. “And this that sounds strong is Spanish from Valladolid. From the purest and hardest Castilian. Of which it is clearly understood. Let’s see if it protects it from the beach bar that they have created for it,” he concluded.