Tuesday, November 29

Otegi assures that EH Bildu is against the ‘ongi etorri’ and separates from Sortu

The general coordinator of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, assured this Friday that EH Bildu “is in Aiete’s statement”, in which he expressed his regret for the “suffering” caused to the victims of ETA and affirmed that it should never have happened, and against public ‘ongi etorri’ being made to ETA prisoners when they are released. Otegi has made these statements after being asked about the act in tribute in Pamplona to the ETA prisoner Iñaki Etxeberria alias ‘Mortadelo’, after his release from El Dueso prison after having spent 25 years in prison convicted of six murders. The tribute took place less than a month after the ETA prisoners attached to the official and majority group, the EPPK, announced the cessation of the ‘ongi etorris’ with the aim of “strengthening coexistence”.

Dozens of people give the ‘ongi etorri’ in Pamplona to ETA prisoner Iñaki Etxeberria

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He has also disassociated himself from Sortu’s decisions and actions, by ensuring that he is not “the spokesman for the nationalist left.” “Therefore, the things that affect Sortu, Sortu has to answer,” he added in statements collected by Europa Press during a press conference in San Sebastián to assess the agreement on the labor reform in which journalists have asked him about the fact that Sortu has proposed the last head of ETA, David Pla, for the direction of this formation, to support Mikel ‘Antza’ in his statement in court, and for Arkaitz Rodríguez to publicly assure that the death of Antton Troitiño It meant “a day of mourning for the Abertzale left”, since there was in Pamplona an ‘ongi etorri’ to Iñaki Etxebarria, ‘Mortadelo’.

After refusing to speak on behalf of Sortu, he explained that he can say “where is EH Bildu and is in Aiete’s statement, with absolute clarity, and he is not going to move a millimeter from that statement. This is the contribution that we have made. made in terms of democratic coexistence in the country, “he pointed out to later ensure that he is not aware of the ‘ongi etorri’ developed in Pamplona by the ETA prisoner Iñaki Etxebarria, ‘Mortadelo’. In the words of Otegi, “EH Bildu is in the position set” by the group of prisoners of the gang, EPPK, that there are no public receptions for inmates. “That is EH Bildu’s position,” he insisted.