Monday, May 29

OTEPI Renovables will support Agropark Panama to have 100% clean energy in its operations

OTEPI Renewables, business unit of OTEPI Group for the development of renewable energy solutions, has signed an agreement with the investment firm AgriCapital Holdings Corp. to support the development of Agropark Panama, which aims to be the first agro-logistics park in the world without polluting emissions in its sources of electrical energy.

“For OTEPI it is a privilege to collaborate technically with the design and execution of the project’s 100% clean electricity strategy, being an ambitious objective but technically feasible and financially attractive,” he said. Luis E. Paul K., executive president of the OTEPI Group.

“We are excited to be part of this initiative committed to caring for the environment and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), making available many years of experience and regional recognition in distributed solar generation installations and microgrids for commercial and industrial clients ( C&I), allied with global pioneers in solar energy, storage and sustainability, such as RollsRoyce MTU and Tesla”.

“There are already installations and developments in electricity grids in Latin countries with photovoltaic solar generation and associated energy storage capacity to avoid its variability.” He said Federico Fernandez, Director of OTEPI Renovables and current President of the Panamanian Chamber of Solar Energy.

“But also in large industrial and commercial facilities. There are several success stories of OTEPI and our international allies in C&I microgrids, for which we trust in the successful completion of this pioneering and innovative initiative, despite its challenges and complexities”, he added.

Experts agree that the potential in Latin America is enormous to make electrical grids cleaner with renewable sources, without harming the safety, reliability and price of the system.

OTEPI Renewables will support the AgroPark to take advantage of this trend so that its member companies are truly sustainable, thanks to their own Electricity Network with clean generation guaranteed for all.

“We chose OTEPI for its local leadership and its international alliances in energy projects with the dimensions that the Agropark needs, being able to accompany us from the pre-design phase to the start-up and subsequent operation of the complete electricity generation scheme for our site without polluting emissions, from renewable sources and batteries to guarantee availability 24/7″ said Juan Carlos Mastellari, managing partner of AgriCapital Holdings, adding: “We will be able to optimize our operating costs in the long term and be a model company for its sustainability in terms of energetic”.

It should be noted that AgroPark’s 100% clean energy objective is aligned with the pillars of the National Energy Transition Strategy of Panama, towards a greener and more sustainable economy, with fewer polluting energy emissions.