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Our favorite restaurants to eat Madrid-style tripe on the Almudena festival

If you liked our article on offal recipes, now we bring you the first Ruta de la Casquería, which is being held from November 1 to 30, 2021 in Madrid. So you still have weeks to enjoy the most traditional and representative recipes of the national retail gastronomy in nineteen restaurants in the Community.

Five recipes with offal to take care of both the pocket and the palate

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As you will see below, there are proposals of all styles, from the classic ones with which the grandmothers turned offal or giblets obtained from veal, sheep and pork into a miracle, such as chicken from Enriqueta House. Even the most innovative ones, such as manolinis, those amazing tripe ravioli a la Madrid from Manolo Restaurant; and the ideals for the neophytes of The Tasquería by Javier Estévez when we have the information

This chef, who has achieved the Michelin Star Due to its specialization in everything that is not meat, it raffles, together with the organization of the Route, a dinner for four people among all the participants who send a photograph with any of the dishes from the other participating restaurants to the web

It may make you sick to think of eating snouts, heads, brains, cheeks, tongues, ears, jowls, gizzards, neck, marrow, heart, blood, liver, spleen, kidneys, criadillas, intricacies, corns and stomach, udders and tails . But from here we can assure you that, when you try them stewed with the recipes of the establishments that we list below, you radically change your mind. And you get hooked.

In Madrid city center

The Tasquería

Give a fun twist, ideal to get started in a big way because you won’t know that you are eating tongue, or duck heart marinated with a kind of red pesto so that it is similar to Peruvian anticuchos.

In addition, Javi Estévez takes advantage of the most visceral parts of unusual animals such as rabbits or hunting for greater originality. And it takes everything to such an excellent level that you will end up ordering the fried suckling pig head for dessert. Calle Duque de Sesto, 48. Madrid. Tel .: 91 451 10 00.


It is an elegant restaurant where they are masters in praising the gelatin of the offal. Make a very tender oxtail that flakes just by touching it because it is cooked for eight hours with the tail’s own sauce and melts in the mouth with the same soft texture of the oloroso parmentier.

As well as the tripe with snout and leg, chorizo ​​and blood sausage, with two and a half days of very slow cooking, which is evident in the exquisite integration of the ingredients with an intensity of flavors very well amalgamated by the honeyed sauce. Paseo de Eduardo Dato, 8. Tel .: 91 737 36 40.


It allows you to choose between oxtail stewed in red wine with mashed potatoes and celery, calf kidneys in oloroso with rice, Madrid-style tripe or sweetbreads sautéed with vegetables. Now, we highly recommend the pork trotters boneless on the inside and crispy on the outside with delicate parmentier with truffle sauce.

Followed by the braised veal sweetbreads, which make a marriage of impressive texture and flavor with the tender artichokes, enhanced with the truffle sauce. And we finished embroidering it with the braised beef tongue with sweet potato puree and a soft trotter and foie sauce. In Calle de Jorge Juan, 39. Tel .: 91 576 86 92.

Colonel House

It is a good place to taste suckling lamb sweetbreads cooked with garlic, parsley, chilli and white wine until reduced. They also put in front of you delicious Asturian tripe a la Madrid, stewed oxtail and a delicious ear. Calle Guareña, 12. Aluche. Tel .: 638 41 80 74.

To Vallecas and beyond


It is a restaurant with traditional cuisine that cooks suckling baby sweetbreads in a saucepan with garlic and wine so that they sweat until they are crisp; the best oxtail in Madrid from three years ago. Specifically, steer from Cordoba, cooked for about four hours; Head of pig’s trotters with piquillo sauce, braised Iberian cheek, precooked and ironed ear grilled with its own juice and battered lamb brains. Calle Sierra de Alquife, 26. Vallecas. Tel .: 91 477 79 20.

The bite

It gives you the choice between some incredible Madrid-style tripe with its blood sausage and chorizo, some pig’s trotters with spicy sauce or some lamb trotters in batter and fried to lick your fingers. And on weekends, Menchu ​​takes out the brains, gizzards and kidneys just as he learned to cook them from his mother. Avda. Monasterio de Silos, 20. Montecarmelo. Tel .: 91 224 34 87.


It tempts you with crunchy sweetbread taquitos, a bull’s tail burger that looks spectacular, stewed pig trotters, tender and with a lot of sauce or tripe with the most mellow Madrid-style legs and snouts, as it should be. Calle del Doctor Varela, 37. Alpedrete. Tel .: 696 46 92 35.

The Mesón de Doña Filo

Ama mater of Javi Estévez, has been dedicated, for more than twenty years, with a very good reputation, to rogue cuisine with those tripe for which it is already worth traveling to the Sierra. But try their little hands, the cheek and the sweetbread tacos. Calle de San Juan, 3. Colmenar del Arroyo. Tel .: 696 46 92 35.

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