Sunday, August 14

Oura Ring Gen3: this (exclusive) ring measures heart rate, sleep and even blood oxygen

Wearables there are many and it is normal that we associate the term with smart watches or quantifying bracelets. However, there are some with a different form factor and one of the most striking is the Oura Ring, which is, as its name suggests, a ring.

It is the ring that we have seen on the fingers of personalities the likes of Will Smith, Larry Page (co-founder of Google), Shaquille O’Neal or Manu Ginobili. A high-end wearable, quite exclusive and that has now been renewed with a third generation full of news.

Oura Ring data sheet



7,9 x 2,55 mm

4-6 grams



PVD coating


Between four and seven days

Charge in 20-80 minutes


Bluetooth LE


Airplane mode


LED verde


7x temperature sensor

Infrared PPG


Water resistant under 100 meters


319 euros

One ring to monitor everything

The company has been developing this new ring for three years. This is made of titanium with a PVD cover and is water resistant to 100 meters. It is 2.55 millimeters thick (more or less like a wedding band) and weighs between four and six grams, depending on the size we choose.

Inside we find seven temperature sensors, as well as green and red LEDs and an infrared PPG system, three times more sensors than the previous generation (and 32 times more memory, by the way). What is all this for? To monitor our health, sleep and our sports sessions. This is all it measures:

  • Daytime heart rate: it does it 24 hours a day thanks to the green LEDs.
  • Real time heart rate.
  • Restorative time: the ring recognizes when we relax so that it knows if we are resting when we need it.
  • Heart rate in training: when exercising, it will record our heart rate, as well as location, distance and heart rate recovery. This feature will arrive in 2022.
  • Sleep: the previous model already did, but for this edition they have improved the algorithms to add more precision.
  • SpO2: as a novelty, the new third generation Oura Ring detects the oxygen level during sleep. This feature will arrive in 2022.
  • Body temperature: thanks to the seven temperature sensors, the ring is capable of “reading our temperature minute by minute”, something that, according to Oura, can help us to be “attentive to the signs that indicate that we could be sick”.
  • Period predictionAccording to Oura, the ring “accurately predicts the next menstruation 30 days in advance and gives six days notice before it begins.” To do this, among other things, it analyzes variations in body temperature.

Regarding autonomy, Oura assures that his ring is capable of holding between four and seven days and that it charges completely in between 20 and 80 minutes. It connects to the mobile via Bluetooth, updates via OTA through the app for smartphones and, in case someone asks you, it supports airplane mode to be able to carry it during flights.

Versions and price of the Oura Ring 3


The Oura Ring 3 can be purchased from now for 319 euros. It is available in silver, black, matte black and gold. On the other hand, Oura has launched a membership of 5.99 euros per month (six months free) that enables full access to the app and includes an “increasingly comprehensive set of features, daily ideas, personalized recommendations, a growing library of guided audio sessions, educational videos and more. “