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Outrage over a conference on the Blue Division: “It is a humiliation to the 93 Albacete people killed in Nazi camps”

A conference on the Blue Division scheduled in Albacete for this Tuesday, October 12, which will address “the history of Hitler’s Spanish volunteers from 1941 to the present day” and which is entitled ‘The echo of the Blue Division: bibliographical news about the campaign Spanish against communism “has provoked the outrage of the IU, the PCE and the Forum for Memory in this province.

Italy and Germany, invited to learn about the ravages of their armies in the Civil War at an exhumation in Guadalajara

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The event to be held in the salons of the Casino Primitivo de Albacete has been organized by the Brotherhood of the Blue Division of Albacete on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of its arrival on the Russian front, and will feature the author of the book ‘La División Azul’ ( Esfera de los Libros, 2019), Carlos Caballero Jurado, and also with the intervention of the historian Francisco Torres García in whose books the theme related to the Franco regime is common. The last of them is a historical essay on what he qualifies as a “cultural product” and is entitled ‘Raza’, alluding to the novel written by Francisco Franco and later taken to the cinema, to “dismantle the theses of the anti-Franco vulgate.”

Both IU, as the PCE and the Forum for Memory in Albacete demand from the Casino Primitivo de Albacete “the immediate withdrawal of said act, considering it a humiliation to the victims of Nazism and specifically to the Albacete people who died in the Nazi camps.” And it is that, they assert, “one cannot be proud of a Wehrmacht division that put Europe under the boot of the Third Reich, forgetting the victims of deportation and at the same time not being the object of democratic criticism.”

They also demand that the mayor of Albacete, the socialist Emilio Sáez, “take sides in these events. We appeal to his sensitivity, since democratic dignity is at stake. We ask him not to be passive, condescending or indifferent to this act , as it would imply a lack of respect for the democratic dignity of citizens “. In this sense, they also ask you to go to the Casino so that “such discussion is not allowed.”

Ignorance or democratic insensitivity cannot be an excuse to whitewash the criminal ideas that devastated Europe

The promoters of the event allude to the writer Arturo Pérez Reverte. “He has said of Caballero Jurado’s book that it is a highly documented, rigorous and monumental work” and explains that the work is not only “an accurate analysis of military operations” but also “delves into diplomatic, propaganda, political and , in a special way, in the most intimate experiences of the combatants and prisoners thanks to decades of research and interviews with the protagonists of one of the greatest war adventures in the contemporary history of Spain “.

To this explanation, the political formations and the memorialist collective oppose the facts: 93 Albacete people died in the Nazi deportation. “Any unit of the German army was the symbol of pain and slavery of millions of men, women and children.”

They remember that the murdered people came from both the capital and towns such as Caudete, Munera, Yeste, La Gineta, Villarrobledo, La Roda, Casas de Juan Núñez, Tobarra, Villalgordo del Júcar, Hellín, Almansa, Salobre, Fuentealbilla, Casas de Ves , Navas de Jorquera, Ontur, Mahora, Alcalá de Júcar, El Bonillo, Molinicos, Casas Ibáñez, Elche de la Sierra, Cenizate or Letur.

“We demand that the members of the brotherhood defending the 250 Division apologize to the victims of Nazi repression. Agitating the performance of the USSR in its international politics or anti-communism to defend a war of aggression is an act of unbearable cynicism. , and it is not an excuse to justify criminal acts, such as the execution of Spanish – and Russian – partisans who fought in the Soviet ranks, “they say in a joint statement.

They recall that the members of the Wehrmacht Division 250, better known as the Blue Division, “took an oath of allegiance to Adolf Hitler as did the rest of the soldiers and positions of the German army who helped enslave Europe under the boot of Nazism. Many of them, of course, were already used to breaking loyalty oaths, having already risen up against the democratically elected government in February 1936. The same swastikas adorned their uniforms, and they served the same war machine that murdered millions of people between 1939 and 1945. They wore the same uniform (feldgrau) “.

In addition, they abound, “the Blue Division participated in what is classified as a ‘Crime against Peace’, the war of aggression, something pursued in international law, and it did so voluntarily beyond all doubt.” Once in combat, they recall, “the unit was responsible for all the actions committed in its jurisdiction, participated in the hunger blockade to which Leningrad was subjected and was a necessary part and an active actor in the attacks on the civilian population of the a city in which hundreds of thousands of people died, many of them Christians, no doubt. ”

The Blue Division never organically belonged to the Spanish army, they assert, “owed allegiance to the Führer of Germany, and unlike the German soldiers, the Spaniards who participated in the Blue Division did so voluntarily, that is, they voluntarily participated in a criminal war of aggression in which millions of people died. Whether they participated directly in their crimes or not, they were part of the same war machine “, they disfigure.

They insist that “these crimes have been condemned and prosecuted by international laws and tribunals, and the public exaltation of the military symbols that served that military machine has been prohibited and persecuted throughout democratic Europe” and therefore, they point out, ” The possible participation of active servicemen of the Spanish Army in the display of this banner, constitutes in itself an act of collective humiliation for the dignity of all Spaniards, their democratic State and their army and, of course, should not be a reason for pride. , and less pride exhibited in a public act “, they conclude.

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