Wednesday, May 18

Outstanding, reclusive or kiddies

Good that today we stop at to applaud very loudly to the students who have managed to get ahead in the Selectivity despite living in adverse conditions or having suffered some kind of trauma during the decisive years prior to the big exam. Beyond the academic excellence of some, there are other kids with honors in the daily fight: those who repeated but knew how to re-engage, those who have suffered problems at home, those who do not have a good command of the language in which they are examined, that overcome psychological blocks. Congratulations.

That youth, the one who has managed to overcome a year and a half of pandemic in the most intense moment of their lives, is also the one that stars in worrying data of contagion and spread of the coronavirus. The incidence rate skyrockets more than 70 points in people between 12 and 29 years old, with the worst daily contagion data since February. It’s going to be a complicated summer.

  • Inmates or children. There has been no middle ground to refer to the young people affected by the macro outbreak in Mallorca “, writes Mónica Zas today. Those who have tested negative they are leaving the hotel and the island. Around the controversy they have been concentrating anti-vaccine activists to see if they could catch something in troubled river.
  • Record vaccination: 747,589 doses in a single day. In Madrid they are lagging, they fail to deliver all the vaccines that arrive and queues begin to appear that have rarely been seen before.
  • Mask manufacturers. Many have emerged during the pandemic, companies that have invested heavily. Now protection is no longer mandatory outdoors and these companies see their future in danger.


Le chiringuit c’est moi

Toni Cantó has done an interview tour to clarify what his new position is at the head of the Spanish Office that Isabel Díaz Ayuso has created for him from scratch. Asked if he considers that his Office is “a chiringuito” of those that he has always criticized, he said: “The beach bar is me “, and you should not think that it has been a slip or a poorly chosen phrase because you have repeated it in other interviews. While, the city of Salamanca says that they do have a certain structure, nothing, of a few centuries, to defend their capital status from Spanish.

More things:

  • The mayor of Granada has resigned, finally, assuming a month later that he could not continue to lead the City Council without the support of the PP or his fellow Citizens. It is the latest consequence of the movements that began in Murcia. It looks like the PSOE will now govern.


Do not pass

  • Laguna in trans law. The text of the trans law that finally has the support of the entire Council of Ministers leaves a gap that affects a very vulnerable population: although in previous drafts of Equality they allowed the change of the legal sex and the name in the documentation of people foreigners with papers, the draft law has eliminated their access to this right. It is better explained in detail here.
  • Without global tax these things happen: the large multinationals transfer 178,000 million in profits to the Netherlands, Ireland and Luxembourg each year to use them as tax havens and not pay taxes. The remedy: the world’s leading economies reaffirm to the OECD their intention to implement a minimum rate of 15%.
  • Jose Luis Moreno has been released on bail of 3 million euros. I’m still open-mouthed with this video of a foreboding performanceI would say that it is symptomatic of a certain type of personality, in which Moreno makes his Rockefeller doll say: “You have been defrauding the Treasury, me, the workers and everyone since you were born.”
  • Some laughs. The ones that we have stuck seeing these videos of Inés de Miguel, an impeccable imitator of well-known politics: she plays Ayuso, Rocío Monasterio, Yolanda Díaz and even manages to trace María Jesús Montero without the Andalusian accent looking like a caricature.


Tertullian Trivial

Blue – On which island is the hotel where dozens of young people have been confined by a coronavirus outbreak?

rose – What character of José Luis Moreno said ‘how happy I am …’?

Yellow – Which US Defense Secretary who died this week was responsible for the invasion of Iraq with George Bush?

Brown – In which museum is Picasso’s Guernica exhibited?

Green – In which current country did the Tunguska meteorite fall in 1908, causing the largest impact of an asteroid documented by humanity?

Orange – In the selection of which country that has given the surprise of the soccer Eurocup play 16 players who are immigrants or children of immigrants?


Blue – Majorca


YellowDonald rumsfeld.

Brown – Reina Sofia Museum

Green – Russia

Orange – Swiss

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