Monday, August 8

Overwhelming trailer for ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation – Part 2’: unbridled action for the conclusion of the controversial Netflix series

The first part of ‘Masters of the Universe: Revelation’, the new version of the legendary toy and animated franchise of the eighties, was received with considerable controversy. Fans of the original series were not happy with the role of Teela or the low relevance of He-Man or Skeletor. This trailer seems almost an answer to those complaints: a lot of He-Man, a lot of Skeletor, a lot of Grayskull, and endless action.

The trailer seems to predict an almost definitive fan-service, with the appearance of a few much-loved Masters that we hadn’t seen in the twilight first part of the series, like Buzz-Off, Ram Man or Fisto. And of course, you tell and go with the sword, the castle, and a fair amount of high-octane combat.

The franchise that has the power

On the other hand, the differences with the classic series, as happened with the first part, is the most intriguing of the whole, from a possible change in Evil-Lyn to the fantastic redesign of Skeletor supported by the fabulous dubbing of Mark Hamill. In any case, quite possibly this series does not quite like crystal fans who have already reviewed-bombing with the first.

The series premieres on November 23, so there is less than a month to attend this new toy revitalization that is generating interest in the franchise never seen since the eighties, with new lines of toys and other projects such as Netflix’s own second animated series. It certainly has the power.