Monday, August 8

Owl from Duolingo wants to teach you even more about High Valyrian | Digital Trends Spanish

HBO is already preparing the table for the next premiere of House of Dragonsthe prequel to game of Thrones that will tell the adventures of the Targaryen house and for that the owl of Duolingo has a surprise.

Duolingo is expanding its High Valyrian course with 150 new words developed in partnership with David J. Peterson, the fantasy linguist who helped design language for game of Thrones Y House of the Dragon by HBO.

Duolingo’s expanded High Valyrian course also introduces over 700 new sentences directly related to House of the Dragon, and the company is set to start rolling out a series of ads in the United States with language intended to test people’s skills.

Yes ok House of the Dragon won’t be released until August 21, 2022, Duolingo’s expanded course is now available to users.

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