Friday, August 12

Owners and gentlemen

It happens whenever a progressive president governs: four screaming faces take advantage of the National Holiday parade to insult him. As Alfonso Guerra has said, brilliant in the answers, “there are people who boo a president and applaud a goat, each one chooses who he represents.” This October 12, the cries of “squat” to Pedro Sánchez were heard again, which is the same mantra that the extreme right and the extreme right have been repeating for years. They call “illegitimate” a government that has won them at the polls because they do not respect democracy and believe that power belongs to them by birth or by force.

It is the inheritance of the dictatorship, its heirs continue to think that the country is theirs and that everyone who keeps them from controlling it is a squatter, a usurper. But no one is more usurper in a democracy than someone who despises popular sovereignty and believes they are above it. Squat of Justice is the Popular Party that refuses to evict the General Council of the Judiciary against what the Magna Carta dictates. Squats are Casado and Abascal when they try to achieve with the help of the judges what they have not achieved at the polls. Usurpers want to be the PP and Vox when they deny representation to millions of Spaniards who vote for the parties they do not like.

Of course, Casado has aligned himself with the expletives of the ultras in the parade. He is more than applauding the goat. He does nothing more than follow the strategy of tension that Aznar, his mentor, set in motion. It is the shock doctrine of the Spanish right. No proposal, just protests. Kicking and tantrums. Generate an unbreathable climate with the help of the media machinery to make the Government fall. It does not matter if for that they have to drag the country through the ground, as Casado does every time he goes to Europe. It does not matter if you have to lie, as you did in a recent interview in El Mundo, in which it was invented that Spain is on the verge of bankruptcy. Strange patriot who kicks his homeland.

As Aznar did with González, Casado tells Sánchez every week to leave. It is a corollary of the squatting mantra. Go away, Moncloa is ours. It is very symptomatic how the PP calls only “Sánchez” to the Prime Minister, but calls “President Casado” one who only presides over his party. What the extreme right does not understand is that the contempt is not for Sánchez but for the millions of voters he represents. They applaud a goat and boo the Democrats.

Spain is yours. Everything belongs to them, from the institutions to the flag passing through the party. They want a Spain in which only they fit and the rest are superfluous. A Spain that wants to crush the other media. A unique, uniform, uniformed Spain. They say freedom but they hate it. They also detest the other Spains. Normal that some want to leave such an oppressive land. They do not recognize the plurality or the plurinationality of this country. The Government proposes to decentralize some institutions as is done in Portugal, Germany or the European Union, and they say that this attacks Spain. His Spain. The country of which the masters and patrons, owners and lords are believed.