Friday, December 8

Ozzy Osbourne flies in the dark with his NFT collection of bats

Ozzy Osbourne, former lead singer of the legendary band heavy metal, Black Sabbath, announced the launch of its first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) called «CryptoBatz«, Developed on the Ethereum blockchain.

These NFTs designed by Osbourne himself together with collectible token development studio Sutter Systems are inspired by bats of different colors and physical characteristics, reported the musical magazine Rolling Stone.

The bat is an animal that has marked the life of the artist, especially since in a presentation he bit the head of one of these animals in 1982, during a performance in Iowa, United States. Not surprisingly, Osbourne is called “the prince of darkness.”

LakeThe collection will be composed of 9,666 bats unique and can be purchased from January. However, those who are interested can go to a presale on CryptoBatz’s Discord channel.

On that same platform, the company behind the tokens also made available 2,500 guaranteed passes for the CryptoBat pre-sale white list. Although, at the time of writing this article, advertisement that there were more than 8,000 people in the Discord chat, so it is possible the list is complete.

The “CryptoBatz”, NFTs developed on Ethereum will be available for purchase from January 2022. Source: CryptoBatz.

Digital bats can bite

In addition to the launch of NFTs, Sutter Systems has also devised a way for these digital bats to “bite” to other NFT projects, and thus create what they have called «Mutantbat», points out the website of the project.

This means that each NFT can be paired with one from another project, but only once, in addition, those who wish to use this option must have the collectible they want to combine in the same wallet as the CryptoBat.

The NFTs are inspired by bats and pay tribute to the moment when Osbourne bit the head of one, in 1982. Source: Ozzy Osbourne /

Although this option not yet available and there is no start date, the list of “victim projects” is defined. The CryptoBat, can be combined with the successful monkeys of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), with the frogs of CrypToadz and with the ducks of SupDucks, all based on the Ethereum network.

Osbourne said he had been trying “to get in on the NFT action for a while.” He even asked his wife Sharon Osbourne for a BAYC as a Christmas gift. “After several unsuccessful attempts to buy mine, she said no and I decided to create my own,” explained the UK-born composer himself.

“The design pays tribute to one of my most iconic moments on stage and is an opportunity to acquire a rare piece of art history. I love it!”.

Ozzy Osbourne, cantante.

Rock goes to the NFT

In the area of ​​NFTs released by vocalists or musicians related to the world of rock, Osbourne is not alone.

In fact, last November, CriptoNoticias reported that Serj Tankian, singer of the renowned rock band, System of a Down, also released a series 21 digital artworks, accompanied by musical compositions.

These began to be exhibited at the beginning of December, in a interactive gallery on the Curio platform, which runs on the Ethereum network.

Also Spanish-speaking groups such as Soda Stereo or Babasónicos recently launched their own NFT collections.