Tuesday, June 6

Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT Collection Targeted by Scammers

The collection of NFTs released by legendary singer Ozzy Osbourne has barely been launched on the cryptocurrency market and has already become a target for scammers. For those unfamiliar with the term, an NFT is a single blockchain record, which can be audio, video, photo, art, among other countless possibilities.

Thus, several artists around the world have already entered the sector to launch their works and commercialize on platforms. But this process also ends up involving the creation of a community, which is what gives meaning to an NFT.

As he is famous in the music industry, Ozzy has released a collection linked to an iconic past of his career: bats.

NFTs bat collection was released by Ozzy Osbourne

Last week, the legendary Ozzy Osbourne released an NFTs collection of bats, honoring his story of biting an animal on stage during a concert.

Taking advantage of the rise in the NFTs market, he idealized the launch of a collection called Crypto Bats, which had all its minting done in just a few minutes.

Last Friday (21), the bats were revealed to their owners, who were able to learn about the characteristics of their digital flying mammals.

But what many did not expect is that this collection would be so successful, being this Monday (24) the third with the highest trading volume on the OpenSea platform, one of the largest on the market.

Ozzy Osbourne’s collection is already the third largest by volume on OpenSea, surpassing Bored Ape and CryptoPunks on Monday (24/01/22).

Thus, the collection of bats has already created a solid fan base of the musician, who has been announcing his retirement from the stage over the last few years. Ozzy is known both for his solo career and for being a member of the band Black Sabbath, one of the most legendary rock bands in the world, which inspired generations of bands.

Scammers took advantage of community failure

The problem with the success of this collection is that it has certainly attracted a wave of scammers to its surroundings, who try to take money from unsuspecting victims.

The main Crypto Bats community ended up coming together via Discord, at the discord.com/invite/cryptobatz group. This community gathers more than 20 thousand people today and is the official of the project.

However, before the group had the “cryptobatz” link, the community was created with the “cryptobatsNFT” link, then renamed. In this way, scammers started using the old link to scam unsuspecting investors.

In addition to this fake community group, others are still being created, and may have similar links. In other words, it is important when entering an official community to pay attention to whether the location is the right one, being suspicious of quick “promotions” that are launched without prior notice.

This scam of creating fake communities is not new, but as the CryptoBats team changed their group access, it turned out to be a new opportunity for the scammers to exploit.

In a statement, the team said they are talking to Discord to see if they can erase the former group, which is now populated only by bad actors.

“There are several FAKE Discord servers that pretend to be CryptoBatz, some are very sophisticated – one even hijacked an old address link we were using.
We are trying to get Discord to shut down these fake servers. Stay tuned – the official link is in our bio.”