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Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT Platform Debuts Among Scams | Digital Trends Spanish

The debut of CryptoBatz, the NFT platform of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, was marked by a series of scams and phishing attacks that resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars in different types of cryptocurrencies.

CryptoBatz began operations on January 20, 2022 with the sale of 9,666 digital images of bats that would be traded as non-fungible tokens. However, a portal report TheVerge notes that two days after its online debut, the platform fell victim to a phishing attack that redirected traffic to a bogus link on Discord.

Discord is a chat app similar to Skype, TeamSpeak, and Slack used primarily by groups of gamers.

The scammers were able to redirect traffic to the fake server because the address was shared on Twitter profiles of the CryptoBatz platform, as well as the official Ozzy Osbourne account.

Once the interested parties entered the apocryphal Discord server, an automated bot operated by the Collab Land platform asked to connect a cryptocurrency wallet to perform a “verification”.

Tim Silman, one of those interested in buying one of the digital certificates of authenticity from a CryptoBatz bat, said that after being scammed, between $300 and $400 in ether was stolen.

However, Silman said that the account linked to the scammers has about $150,000 in cryptocurrency.

The subject criticized the lack of a quick response from CryptoBatz to his scam complaint. “I tagged them in a few tweets, lots of other people did, and we didn’t get a response. It’s an expensive lesson, I guess,” he noted.

The real link to Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT platform was, however it was replaced by another one ( which was used by scammers to steal crypto assets.

The Verge questioned Sutter Systems, the developer company behind the CryptoBatz platform. In an email, the company said that “we cannot be held responsible for Discord flaws exploited by a group of scammers; our platform has no control over Discord.”

For their part, Discord representatives confirmed to The Verge that the server used for the scam was taken down. “When we are notified of this type of attack, we take measures such as blocking users and taking down servers,” the platform said.

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