Monday, January 24

Pablo Casado feeds the hoaxes that speak of children tortured in Catalonia for speaking Spanish

Pablo Casado, president of the Popular Party, assures that there are children tortured in Catalonia for the simple fact of speaking Spanish in the corridors or in the playground of educational centers. The humiliations to which the conservative politician refers are supported by two hoaxes: that the little ones are forbidden to go to the bathroom during classes and, therefore, are forced to relieve themselves on top of themselves. And a second: that it is common practice (according to the leader of the PP) to introduce stones into the school bags of students who are caught speaking Spanish.

The thing about backpacks and stones is an old narrative resource of criticism of nationalism that has its origin in 1997 very far from Catalonia. Specifically, 468 kilometers away from the Catalan capital. In that year, a group of parents from the town of Zeanuri (Vizcaya) denounced that the monitors of a summer camp carried their children with stones for speaking Spanish among them. The director of the camp denied the facts and the Provincial Council initiated an investigation, the trace of which is difficult to follow in the newspaper library due to the time that has elapsed. However, for Casado that story is something of the present and where the newspaper library says País Vasco 1997 Casado gets Catalunya, present tense.

The leader of the Popular Party launched the two hoaxes in the form of a question this Tuesday during an act of his party in Abegondo (A Coruña): “Can it be tolerated that there are teachers with instructions not to let children go to the bathroom because they speak in Spanish ? Can it be tolerated that there are children who for speaking Spanish at recess put stones in their backpack? Can it be tolerated that the children of the police and civil guard are pointed out in class and told that they cannot be The argument was linked to the usual speech of the PP and Vox that affirms that those who actually govern Spain are the independentistas of ERC, Junts and the CUP.

In this regard, the President of the Popular Party referred to the claims of the Government’s budgetary partners that the platforms of streaming such as Netflix are forced to produce content in minority languages. At that point came another of the claims of the conservative leader: “Does anyone understand that the negotiation of budgets involves paying foreign platforms to produce content in Catalan? And why is it not done in Galician or why is it not done? Does it do to promote Rioja wines? Why doesn’t Netflix have to post a report on the Camino de Santiago or the Romanesque of Palencia?

Calviño, “fraudster”

One more day, the leader of the Popular Party has dedicated part of his speech to charge against the Vice President of the Government, Nadia Calviño, whom he has accused of being “a tax fraudster”, in reference to a 2018 information in which It indicated that the number two of the executive had bought his home through an instrumental society (see here). The political leader has affirmed that this condition that he attributes to Sánchez’s number two is something that “all of Spain knows”, an argument in which he has supported his request to the Prime Minister to dismiss the head of his economic service.

De Calviño Casado has also said that she is the “worst Minister of Economy in the entire EU” and “the most incompetent Minister of Economy in the entire history of Spain.” The accusations come after the tension experienced between Casado and Calviño in the Congress of Deputies, which has prompted the Genoa leadership to target the economic vice president as the target of their main political criticisms.

During his speech in Abegondo, Casado questioned even the origins of the government’s economic leader: “The one that is supposedly from La Coruña,” he said. He also spoke of his father, the ex-leader of the TVE José María Calviño, to whom the leader of the PP made the following not too basted suit: “Famous socialist leader also known for some issues that are irrelevant”

The Government and the 10 little blacks

Pablo Casado also referred in his speech to the replacement at the head of the Ministry of Universities to say that “no one knew” the hitherto minister, Manuel Castells. After assuring that he is the “tenth minister to fall,” he pointed out that Pedro Sánchez’s executive “is like the novel of ‘Los ten negritos”, alluding to the police work of the British writer Agatha Christie.