Monday, August 2

Pablo Casado’s smile when a former Aznar minister calls the Dutch prime minister a “son of a bitch” in front of him

“Today I read in the newspaper that [Mark] Rutte [primer ministro holandés], who is a son of a bitch, will closely monitor the granting of European funds to Spain “, said Rafael Arias Salgado, former minister of UCD and José María Aznar. The president of the Spanish Transition Foundation refers to to an information from El Mundo on the Netherlands and the 140,000 million euros awarded to Spain, which, at the moment, has requested only the 69,500 million of the part of transfers, without resorting to credits. And, of those 69,500, both the European Commission and its European partners, including Mark Rutte, have approved the disbursement of the first 9,000 million in advance for the reforms already undertaken.

Indeed, European recovery fund money comes in as long as investment and reform milestones have been achieved. In addition to the 9,000 million of the advance, Spain expects another 10,000 million before December 31. And both Rutte and his allies lobbied a year ago for an emergency stop on the granting of funds. That is to say: first the European Commission approves the money, which depends on the achievement of agreed milestones and, later, it is unlocked (or not) by the community partners in a Council of Finance Ministers a month later at most.

So far, the European Commission has approved with 10 A’s and a notable Spain’s plan and the community partners have unlocked the first 9,000 million without problems. Of course, it is known that the Netherlands and its self-described frugal allies (rich northern countries such as Austria, Sweden, Denmark and sometimes Finland), in addition to Germany, have historically been tough with southern countries and, in previous negotiations , have already begun to show their teeth for future disbursements. However, the consensus in the EU, and also in the United States, is that the intensity of public support must be maintained for at least this year and next.

To the “son of a bitch” of Arias Salgado, Ignacio Camuñas, president of the Civil Society Forum and present at the round table with the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, replied: “Thank God, thank God.” Meanwhile, the president of the PP laughed and smiled before those who told him: “May you be very lucky and win the elections by absolute majority.” To which he replied: “What a luxury of lectures.”

Pablo Casado participated in the Concord, Constitution and Patriotism conference organized by the PP in Ávila on the 45th anniversary of King Juan Carlos’s commission to Adolfo Suárez to form the first pre-constitutional government after Franco’s death.

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