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Pablo Escobar: Escape from the Cathedral is a hit on Spotify | Digital Trends Spanish

Candle Media’s Exile Content Studio and Detective have teamed up to produce a new original podcast from Spotify. The Serie “Pablo Escobar: Escape from the Cathedral”, narrated by world-renowned journalists Daniel Coronell, in Spanish, and by Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos, in English, featuring never-before-heard conversations recorded on exclusive wiretap tapes.

All eight episodes in both languages ​​are available exclusively on Spotify.

“True crime podcast fans won’t want to miss this riveting series,” said Alejandro Uribe, executive director of Exile. “By playing an eerie set of historical audio tapes, ‘Pablo Escobar: Escape from the Cathedral’ deftly transports the listener back to a time when Colombia was known as the cocaine capital of the world as a result of the actions of this individual ruthless and fearless, and the elaborate effort that went into finally bringing him to justice.”

Narrated by Coronell and Ramos, the series details the downfall of notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, whose cocaine empire landed him on the world’s richest and most wanted lists. Through the use of terror and a network of corruption, Escobar gained near-total control over the Colombian police, military, and much of the government while managing an international cocaine trafficking network. After a series of savage attacks involving a plane crash, bounties for the murder of police officers, and the bombing of government offices in broad daylight, the Colombian government was forced to react. His solution was to negotiate the delivery of Escobar in exchange for a series of concessions, which allowed the capo himself to choose where to spend his detention: a place called “La Catedral” in his hometown of Envigado.

“Myths devour people. This podcast allows us to meet the person called Pablo Escobar, sadistic and familiar, brilliant and perverse, at one time one of the most wanted people in the world”, said Diego Rabasa of Detective, writer and director of the series. “Together with Exile and Spotify Studios, we are able to offer an exclusive look at this delirious period in Colombia through a current perspective.”

The eight episodes of Pablo Escobar: Escape from the Cathedral are available for listeners to delve into this riveting story and stay hooked until they reach the extraordinary finale.

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