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Pablo Ibar is “encouraged” and trusts that the court will order a new trial

Pablo Ibar, who has been imprisoned in the US since 1994 for a triple murder of which he pleads not guilty, has recovered from the “tremendous stick” that his life sentence entailed in 2019 and is waiting “encouraged” for the court to accept his appeal to hold a new trial.

The father of this Hispanic-American inmate of Basque origin, Cándido; his wife, Tania, and the president of the Pablo Ibar Association against the Death Penalty, Andrés Krakenberger, held a press conference in Vitoria on the occasion of the visit of Tania and her two children to Pablo’s family in the Basque Country.

Ibar, 49, has already been tried three times for the deaths of Casimir Sucharski, Marie Rogers and Sharon Anderson, which occurred on June 26, 1994 in a house in Miramar (southeast Florida) at the hands of two robbers who entered Steal.

The first trial was declared void because the jury did not reach a unanimous verdict, in the second he was sentenced to death, although later the process was annulled because the evidence was “scarce and weak” and in the third in 2019 he was sentenced to Life in prison, Krakenberger has recounted.

His defense has presented an appeal to request a new trial in the court of appeals of the 4th district of Florida but the decision could take a year, since now a period is open for the Prosecutor’s Office to present arguments and later there will be another period for that the defense disputes the arguments of the prosecution.

“Losing his mind (in 2019) was a tremendous stick but Pablo has managed to move forward, be positive and rebuild his morale. Now he is in a reasonably good mood within the tremendous injustice” he has suffered, said his wife, who would have wanted to make this trip to Euskadi to learn about Pablo’s Basque roots accompanied by her husband.

Cándido Ibar has agreed that after the judicial defeat two years ago Pablo was “very downcast”, but now he feels “encouraged and happy within what is possible”, beyond an injury to the arm on which he underwent surgery. three weeks ago and from which he is still recovering. “He is a strong boy and thinking that he believes in him helps him,” he assured.

Along the same lines, his wife has said that Pablo “continues to fight and is encouraged” and that she is looking forward to winning the appeal and the subsequent trial so that she can have him at home.

On this appeal, Krakenberger has defended the defense’s “devastating arguments” in which “foul play” and the “irregularities” of the Prosecutor’s Office are denounced during the last trial.

“We have strong arguments” to achieve a new trial, although to face it a new fundraising will be necessary, since the previous process cost more than a million dollars and to present the last appeal has already cost 250,000.

There are two ways to support Pablo, the spokesperson added, writing letters to the jail because with that he “keeps busy and feels supported” and contributing money for his defense through the website of the Association against the Death Penalty named after him, which is preparing a “more powerful” fundraising campaign.

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