Friday, September 24

Pablo Iglesias asks the parties to the left of the PSOE for more unity to avoid a government of PP and Vox

The former vice president of the Government Pablo Iglesias has asked the parties “to the left of the PSOE” to collaborate more to avoid a possible Government of the Popular Party and Vox. “I thought for a long time that it could never happen. Today I think it is possible,” says the former leader of United We Can on this scenario, which he already warned about a few days ago.

On a tribune published this Saturday in CTXT, Iglesias calls on the left different from the PSOE throughout the State to “increase their collaboration and share spaces for strategic reflection.” “I think they should assume that the government alliance with the PSOE is, at this juncture, necessary to protect democracy and implement social justice through public policies,” he says. To do this, he believes that these forces should agree on a common roadmap in the negotiation with the socialists: “History has shown that to govern it is not enough to win in votes, but also to win in a few more power correlations.”

In addition, the left must “assume that the field of culture and ideology is as decisive as the institutional and social mobilization.” “What we have been losing for so many years in Madrid are not just elections, but a cultural and ideological battle,” reflects the former vice president.

To reach these conclusions, Iglesias analyzes the factors that could lead Spain to be governed by PP and Vox. Not only because of the polls or the fact that “the right wing will compete next time with only two candidates after the collapse of Ciudadanos”, but also because of “the media’s correlation of forces.” “Outside the Basque and Catalan media ecosystems, the cultural dominance of the right-wing media, based in Madrid, is absolute and has an enormous capacity to determine and condition what millions of citizens think,” says the former vice president.

Faced with the “cultural war” that this would entail, “the parties that defend plurinationality, the Catalan and Basque governments, the educational communities themselves as well as broad citizen sectors, would have no choice but to oppose and mobilize,” he predicts. And that, according to him, would be the “perfect terrain” chosen by PP and Vox to outlaw parties like Bildu.

Among other reasons dragged from the Transition, Iglesias believes that this situation is a consequence of “the Catalan independence movement and Podemos.” “Those two actors blew up the party system in Spain; the only power structure that citizens can change by voting,” he says.

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