Monday, February 26

Pablo Iglesias breaks into the Castilla y León campaign and closes the controversy over Garzón: “People have turned the hoax around”

The former Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, accompanied this Saturday the United We Can candidate for the presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León, Pablo Fernández, and the number two for the Valladolid province, María Sánchez, in an act in Valladolid on the hoaxes and fake news. For Iglesias, the electoral pre-campaign of the autonomous communities began with an “extremely serious” lie, regarding the controversy sponsored by the right about manipulated statements by the Minister of Consumption, against Alberto Garzón, about the macro-farms in TheGuardian.

This is exactly what Alberto Garzón has said about the meat industry

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That manipulation was not started, according to the former vice president, by the president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, who only took advantage of a hoax started by a tabloid of the macro-farm management, with the aim of kicking Garzón out of the executive. “The hoax was replicated by the majority of the media and the lie began to grow,” said Iglesias, who has accused many media outlets of not having checked whether the minister’s statements were true before publishing. “If the lie becomes habitual informative material, the first victim is journalism, the second is politics, and the third is democracy,” he added.

For Iglesias, the media that echoed the minister’s manipulated statements acted as loudspeaker and necessary collaborators so that the lie occupied a place in the public space. “When Antonio Ferreras says ‘more journalism’ and gives way to Eduardo Inda, perhaps he is doing the same thing as a driver who has a drug dealer in the car,” he asserted. Iglesias has defended that journalism has different ideological orientations, “but it cannot start from false facts.”

But, for the former secretary general of Podemos, the hoax about Alberto Garzón has dissipated thanks to the fact that “people have turned the hoax around.” “Everyone believed that the hoax against Garzón was going to end him, but Garzón is stronger than ever, he is an international and environmentalist reference,” he said. In his speech before several hundred people in Valladolid, Iglesias has accused the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, of having echoed that lie urged by his communication advisers. The PSOE, according to Iglesias, has also backed down because the citizens have not believed it. “Many people from the PSOE have told me that the president was wrong, but if they have attacked you with a lie, the obligation was to defend Garzón. And that is what everyone thinks.”

Tension between Russia and Ukraine

The former leader of Podemos has also referred to the escalation of tension on the border between Russia and Ukraine, which he has described as “hugely dangerous”. Regarding the sending of ships and planes to the NATO area of ​​action by the Sánchez executive, Iglesias has disfigured the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, in statements in which she assured that the Atlantic organization was there to defend the peace, LGTBI+ rights or Human Rights. “Do you think people are stupid?” He asked himself, before assuring that the objective of the alliance is to defend “the interests of the United States.”

Iglesias has pointed out that Europe has not the slightest interest in a conflict with Russia, a nuclear power. “It’s not about being pro-Russian, it’s about being pro-peace”, and he has ruled out that it is a conflict over freedoms: “Wars are not waged in the name of democracy, if that were the case, the situation of the Palestinians would not be what it is.

Iglesias believes that with the position of some government ministers on Ukraine “and their militaristic fury” the same “script twist” will happen as with the hoax about Garzón’s macro-farms, because the public will not accept it, and he recalled: “The people who took to the streets to say ‘no to war’ were socialists”. The Vice President of the Government has closed his speech defending that it is another hoax that the elections in Castilla y León are decided, because he believes that there are more and more people who want to vote “for those who tell the truth”. In his speech he also referred to the candidacy of the Emptied Spain in Valladolid, full of former members of Ciudadanos: “Tell the truth, not that it is new. Say that your party is going to hell and you are going to another party to see if he gets a job.”

Podemos turns to the pre-campaign

After another act held last week in Valladolid with the general secretaries of Podemos and the PCE, Ione Belarra and Enrique Santiago, Iglesias has broken into the campaign to support the candidacy of United We Can. From the leadership of the party they emphasize that during these weeks “there will be involvement of all the actors in the political space”, specifically in the case of the former Vice President of the Government, his participation has been designed as a talk with Pablo Fernández and María Sánchez, numbers one and two from the UP list for Valladolid, to leave “the political role to the new actors and the coordinator of the space”, indicate sources of the formation. Reports Laura Galaup.

This is the first campaign that the coalition faces without the former vice president as leader of the space. For the first time since 2014, Iglesias will not rally in an electoral campaign. Iglesias has withdrawn from the organic life of the party and works as a collaborator and columnist for different media. The last time he participated in a party act was at the closing of the Autumn University organized by Podemos at the PCE parties. This Saturday’s is the first event to be held in an electoral context, after his last campaign as headliner in Madrid. The night the elections were held, on May 4, after the overwhelming victory of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Iglesias announced that he was abandoning active politics. “I no longer add and they have made me a scapegoat,” he pointed out to the media when communicating the news. Since then, Iglesias has continued to be linked to politics, but outside the front line and without organic positions.

When he left the Vice Presidency, Iglesias appointed Yolanda Díaz as successor at the head of the confederal space and the second vice president, who is preparing a political project with a view to the 2023 general elections, has chosen to assume a low profile in the campaign that starts the week that comes. According to the calendar that they maintain for the moment in Castilla y León, Díaz has scheduled a single act, together with the candidate, Pablo Fernández, and has ruled out being at the campaign closing rally on Friday, February 11, together with the ministers Alberto Garzón, Irene Montero and Ione Belarra, who have confirmed their attendance.