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Pablo Iglesias, on the controversy of C. Tangana in the Cathedral of Toledo: “Madonna already did it”

The former vice president of the Government and former leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has spoken briefly about the controversy on account of the video clip shot by C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso in the Cathedral of Toledo and that has resulted in the resignation of the dean of the temple. He has assured in this regard that this supposed “provocation” is not “anything modern”, since other artists like Madonna “a few decades ago were already doing these things.”

The bachata of C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso confronts the two ‘souls’ of the Spanish Church … and the ultras are winning

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Previously, Iglesias has had words of praise for Pope Francis, assuring that due to his profile, “enormously interesting and extraordinary,” he understands that the Spanish right “has so many problems” with him because of his opinions on the economic and financial scenario or because of his defense of dialogue with Catalonia.

This is how Iglesias has spoken from the Guadalajara campus, in the cycle ‘Conversations in the Future Century. Thought, Society, Ethics and Politics ‘, an event organized by the Fundación Siglo Futuro that includes a dialogue between the theologian Juan José Tamayo and Pablo Iglesias with the underlying theme’ Politics and religion. A historical dispute ‘, moderated by the professor of Political Sciences of the UNED and vice-rector of Associated Centers, Jesús de Andrés.

“We have an enormously interesting and extraordinary Pope beyond the differences that I may have with the head of an international organization such as the Catholic Church,” he asserted. According to his argument, Francisco “says that there are ideologies that defend the absolute autonomy of the markets and financial speculation, and that these ideologies are the cause of inequality and undermine the right of control of the states in charge of ensuring the common good by establishing “.

This is something “impressive” in the mouth of a Pope, since, he has said, “the general secretary of a communist party is not saying it.” To this he added that Francisco “dared to say that capitalism kills and that behind this economy is the rejection of ethics and of God.” In addition, “he defends dialogue in Catalonia and says that perhaps there are historical wounds of the twentieth century Spaniards that have not been closed”.

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