Saturday, May 28

Pablo Iglesias: “Those who seek to destroy Podemos want a left like before or that nothing changes”

The founder of Podemos and former Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, has assured this Tuesday that he would not return to politics “not even in the worst of his nightmares.” However, he has launched a series of political messages, especially in favor of Podemos and highlighting the options for the future of the confederal space. As he has said, “those who now point out, trying to sow discord, that there is a green path of roses for Podemos to disappear, are waiting with a knife and a fork for there to be a left like the one before or for nothing to change. ”.

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Iglesias expressed himself with these words at the Madrid presentation of his book, truths to the face (Navona, 2022), which has been edited by journalist Aitor Riveiro. The text, Iglesias recalled, arose from the interviews Riveiro conducted with him. And both have tried to replicate that format during the presentation, which took place at the Casa del Lector in the capital. The former vice president wanted to defend both the legacy and the future of Podemos. In his opinion, “the proof of what Podemos means is that the will to destroy Podemos is still intact.” That is why he wanted to highlight the “courage” of the current leaders of his party such as the general secretary, Ione Belarra, who was present at the event.

Subsequently, Iglesias, who has remarked that he would not return to politics “not even in his worst nightmares”, has assured that he already predicted that, given his idea of ​​proposing Yolanda Díaz as a candidate for United We Can for the next general , “the media were going to say Yolanda Díaz very well, and Podemos very badly”. Thus, although he has wanted to emphasize that Díaz “is a candidate who can take much further” to her political space, he has also stressed that if she is where she is, it is thanks to Podemos.

“If precisely our political space has a figure with a spectacular projection like Yolanda Díaz, it is because there was a nucleus of Podemos leaders, the most attacked, the most insulted and criminalized –Pablo Echenique, Ione Belarra, Juanma del Olmo or Irene Montero– who at one point said: govern, govern or govern. And the result of that is that Yolanda Díaz exists. If she had not been a minister and vice president, we would not have what we have now. And the condition of possibility for that to happen was Podemos”, she remarked.

The State that “renounces its own legality”

Iglesias has also referred to the espionage of 65 Catalan and Basque pro-independence leaders revealed yesterday by The New Yorker. “It is strong that a State faces the challenge [independentista], with the support of around 50% of its citizens, and responds by renouncing its own legality, as the EU says, or by using it with espionage systems such as Pegasus”, he denounced. In addition, he has highlighted that “the judicial, police and media hunt that has been carried out against Podemos will have to be studied because it reveals a non-democratic character with broad powers in the State.”

However, the former vice president has remarked that “the hardest thing”, especially during his last year in government, was the harassment he received in his own home. “The hardest thing is that they attack your family,” he said. “One can be prepared as a militant for many things, but when you see your friends, your partner, your parents suffer…”, he recalled. He has also recalled that “when left-wing people went to stand up to the Nazis who acted with total impunity” in front of his house, his mother “camouflaged herself to defend her family.” Regarding his current position, outside of politics, Iglesias has claimed over and over again his ability to say what he thinks. “There is nothing more democratic than calling fascists fascists,” he stressed.

Presence of ministers of United We Can

During the event, packed with people – many attendees were unable to enter due to lack of capacity, so the authors have promised to make a new presentation in Madrid – Iglesias has been supported by numerous personalities from both United We Can and the Government. Among them, the Minister of Social Rights and current leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra; that of Equality, Irene Montero; that of Consumption, Alberto Garzón; or the spokesman for the confederal group in Congress, Pablo Echenique.

Also in attendance were the Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, Enrique Santiago, the Government Delegate Against Gender Violence, Victoria Rosell, the General Director of Diversity and LGTBI Rights, Boti García Rodrigo, the Secretary of State for Social Rights, Nacho Álvarez, the spokeswoman for Podemos Isa Serra or the secretary of the Podemos Organization, Lilith Verstrynge.