Tuesday, September 28

Pablo Iglesias warns of the possible entry of Vox into the Government after the next elections

Pablo Iglesias warned Pablo Casado from the platform of Congress on multiple occasions that his strategy of approaching the extreme right would make it impossible for the leader of the PP to be president of the Government before the rejection of other parliamentary groups, which would not support him in an investiture that would imply to Vox, and its European allies, who veto the pacts with the extreme right in their respective countries. Three months after his total withdrawal from the first political line, the former vice president does see it possible that Casado and Santiago Abascal can govern alone after the next general elections, scheduled for the end of 2023.

Pablo Iglesias turns on the high lights after leaving politics

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This is how he expressed it during his presentation as collaborator in the Catalan radio Rac1. The founder of Podemos will participate in the morning program directed by Jordi Basté. The station announced this Friday its new programming and, among others, the signing of Iglesias, who has briefly entered by phone from Madrid to talk about his incorporation.

On account of a new fake news On his personal life that has been extended in the last hours, Pablo Iglesias has assured that it is “a classic of how hoaxes and the far right work in Spain”. “An ultra-right digital, which can be The Digital Closure, Ok diary or Populi Voice, post a lie. And then the big televisions echo it, such as the Atresmedia media, and the Vox accounts spread it, “he added.

Iglesias has continued: “It is a modus operandi habitual that explains that in this country within two years we can have Vox in the Council of Ministers. Let’s imagine what that means for Catalonia, the Basque Country and the whole of the State. This cannot be dissociated from a media power structure that has whitewashed the extreme right, which represents the greatest threat to freedoms, democracy and the truth. ”

Pablo Iglesias has linked this type of strategy with the entry into Spain of Donald Trump’s media strategies. “The way of doing politics trumpism He arrived in Spain a long time ago, “he lamented.” There are media that have whitewashed real hitmen of information like Eduardo Inda. Behind are the Vallés, the Ferreras and the Ana Rosa, who are a condition for the possibility that the extreme right can govern, “he added. If this happens, he warned,” ERC and Bildu will be outlawed. And then we can. ”

The former secretary general of Podemos has reiterated that his intention now is “to do what he did before” founding the party: “The university and critical journalism.” This summer he already participated in the summer courses at the Complutense University, as announced by elDiario.es.

His integration into a research team at the Open University of Catalonia has also been announced, as well as his collaboration with the media such as Contexto or Rac1 itself.

Regarding his resignation and total departure from the political space of United We Can, Iglesias has defended that “one has to be there when he adds” and that “due to a series of complex circumstances, some have to do with media and physical harassment, others with wear Obviously, it was clear that other people add more and can bring our space closer to having a more relevant role in state policy that serves to confront the danger of the extreme right and to confront the problem of multinationality from democratic perspectives “. “Yolanda Díaz, Ione Belarra and Irene Montero add up much more than I do, they will have a leading role in the coming years,” he concluded.