Friday, January 28

Pac-Man Community is a new version of Pac-Man for Facebook | Digital Trends Spanish

Facebook is releasing a new version of Pac-Man, an exclusive one for the social network. Is named Pac-Man Community and it can be played directly in the browser or on the phone, with more people at the same time.

Pac-Man Community puts four players in a maze of Pac-man in which it is played until all players lose their only life. But in addition, there is also a special mode in which the community can create their own levels and labyrinths, for other people to enjoy and yes, it can also be played in the classic mode, for just one person.

The game works on the desktop browser or the mobile application and given its nature, playing it is very simple since it only requires moving the character in four directions on the stage. The game also comes with score boards and since the Facebook profile is used, everyone can compete with anyone and you will know exactly how much score your friends have obtained.

Pac-Man Community It also comes with a simple but functional level editor, in which any labyrinth can be created to suit the user with the various tools that are offered. And everything works on the Facebook Gaming platform, which the company is very interested in promoting YouTube Gaming or Twitch as competition.

The game has been developed by the Genvid studio and logically with the approval of Bandai Namco, the Japanese company that has the rights to the mythical franchise. Over the years, Pac-Man has spawned various types of games beyond the original and this new one. Pac-Man Community in particular it could be very successful with the billions of users who still use Facebook.

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