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PACMA files two complaints against the bullfighting celebration in Brihuega that ended with a bull being beaten to death

The Animalista Party (PACMA) has filed an administrative complaint against the organizers of the cuts contest that was held at dawn on Sunday, August 8 in the Brihuega bullring (Guadalajara) and against those who authorized it. During the event, one of the bulls, called ‘Campanito’ escaped from the La Muralla bullring and after goring two people who were injured, he was “intentionally” run over by a vehicle, “hit and cornered by several cars and executed in the middle of the public road “.

A bull is run over in Brihuega (Guadalajara) after escaping from a confinement: “They beat him to death, and it is not the first time”

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PACMA filed the complaint with the Regional Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, in the Guadalajara province headquarters because it believes that the mandatory security measures have been violated to guarantee that the animals cannot leave the bullring. Among them the one that has to do with the obligation of a double door. “We request access to the file, especially in what has to do with security because we understand that there has been negligence. There could have been damage to the most serious people,” explain sources from the training.

This complaint is in addition to the criminal complaint filed by the formation before the Guadalajara courts against the person or persons who ran over the bull. “We ask that they be identified so that the complaint can go ahead.”

Note: the following video may hurt the reader’s sensitivity.

A neighbor of Brihuega, a witness to the events, declared that “since they had not closed the outer door, due to incompetence or you know why, he went out into the streets of the town,” to add that “they beat him to death, and It is not the first year that they do it. Previously, this was wild: they bought fourth-hand vehicles expressly to participate in the running of the bulls and with that they herded the bulls. ”

For the Animalista Party, “in addition to this fatal lack of security that ended up costing the life of the bull and the hospitalization of two people, there were also no preventive measures to act in case of escape, since they went directly to the cars to stop the animal by rolling it over. ”

PACMA interprets that it can be considered as a presumed crime of animal abuse, according to the Penal Code, since the death of ‘Campanito’ took place outside the bullfighting arena. This was the reason they also filed a criminal complaint last week against those responsible for what they describe as the “violent execution” of the animal.

The Animalista Party recalls that “such unfortunate events are common and that every summer we witness similar episodes, in which animals end up being killed in the most terrible ways.”

The formation has called a demonstration next Saturday, September 18, in Madrid, under the slogan ‘Mission Abolition’ in which thousands of people are expected to demand the prohibition of bullfighting.

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