Wednesday, December 7

Pacma viralizes a video of a naked Canarian hunter shouting “long live Spain”: Thank you for campaigning for us”

the animal party pacma shared this Wednesday on his social networks a video in which you can see a Hunter carrying a shotgun on top of a collapsed stone wall. What is striking is that the man, who is completely naked (except for high socks, boots and a pair of gloves), has several dead partridges hanging from the shotgun, from his neck… and from his penis. In addition, he is declaiming a speech with an accent that could be from the island of Gran Canaria that culminates with the words “Up from them, they are few. Long live Spain!”

“That this does not stop, that this follow the same system every year, and catch partridges every year and have a good time,” he says, to the laughter of whoever is recording him, in what seems to be an attempt to defend the activity of the hunt.

Pacma has taken advantage of this video, in which it has pixelated the face of the subject, to launch a message against said activity: “Reality surpassing fiction. Thank you for campaigning for us every day, hunters.” And he has concluded with a postscript: “Remember that the votes of these people are worth the same as ours.”

In less than 24 hours the tweet has achieved several hundred likes and retweets and has begun to go viral, with more than 17,500 views.

PACMA condemns sport hunting and fishing and does not consider it a sport, but “an attack against the life and interests of these beings.” In addition, he believes that “there is no justification for killing an animal and we defend a relationship of balanced coexistence between humans and animals.” According to their data, more than 30 million animals are executed during the hunting season throughout the country and 6,000 tons of lead are dispersed, polluting the environment and causing poisoning. In Spain they have a license to kill approximately 900,000 hunters and 600,000 fishermen. Above all, birds are hunted, as well as rabbits, wild boars, roe deer, deer, foxes, wolves, etc. In some modalities, dogs, traps or illegal traps are used, and even glue, according to their website.