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Pact for the Future of the Internet: what is this global agreement about | Digital Trends Spanish

With the signature of more than 60 countries, including the United States and the main European powers, the Pact for the Future of Europe was signed in Great Britain. Interneta declaration that aims to safeguard this democratic space of digital coexistence.

The call Statement of the Future of the Internet (PDF) will help strengthen democracy online, as countries that have agreed to its terms have promised not to undermine elections by conducting online disinformation campaigns or illegally spying on individuals according to the White House.

Another of the things that this pact proposes is the equitable use of the Internet, promoting security and reaching areas with less connection.

“By signing this Declaration, the United States and its partners will work together to advance this vision and its principles globally, while respecting each other’s regulatory autonomy within our own jurisdictions and in accordance with our respective national laws and legal obligations. international”, maintains the text promoted by the White House.

Countries like Russia, India and China did not sign up to the pact.

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