Friday, August 12

Page that sold fake UFC token disappears after raising almost 600 BNB

Key facts:
  • The page reported having support from companies EA Sports, UFC and the exchange.

  • The smart contract from the sale shows that around 560 BNB was raised.

“Win real money while you play,” said the welcome sign. But, the only ones who made money were the developers of the page. About an hour ago, the website was taken down after raising just over 560 BNB (about $ 325,000) in three days from the sale of a token that was supposed to be used for a UFC video game.

At the time of writing this article, in the page of what promised to be the next big game play-to-earn, you only see a message from the Wix server stating that no website is associated with that address.

The token that is sold It was UFCT, developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The BSCscan scanner shows that there are 10 million units of the token, and what 735 addresses have it in their possession.

Poocoin, a Binance Smart Chain price tracker shows that there is no market for this token. That is, there is no one interested in buying it or there is no liquidity in decentralized exchanges, for example, in PancakeSwap. This means that UFCT holders will probably not be able to get any economic return on the investment they made.

The token was for sale on the page of the alleged video game. Until what appears to be a exit-scam or exit scam, 7 UFTCs were being sold for 1 BNB, which is the native cryptocurrency of the BSC network.

Before the page was taken down, 7 UFCTs were being sold for 1 BNB. Source:

When the sale was still active, there were those who detected some red flags. For example, it was indicated that the development of the video game would be done by EA Sports and that it would have the support of the exchange. But there was no official statement from the companies allegedly involved that indicated that, indeed, they were about to launch a video game that would allow to win tokens.

The youtuber CryptoShark he had posted a video – while the sale was still taking place – showing other red flags that he detected. One of them was that the images of what the game would be, actually belonged to another existing video game.

CriptoNoticias was able to verify that this is indeed the case. When searching in Google the images provided by the video game page, the search engine indicates that sound of EA Sports UFC Mobile 2, for iOS and Android devices. This is a game released several months ago and it has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies.

The images presented by the UFC Crypto Game were from a video game that already existed. Source:

The UFC Crypto Games website – possibly in an attempt to appear truthful – had links to official pages of the UFC and EA Sports, how are they a store merchandising, a job site and a section on legal matters.

The red flags kept going off when browsing the page of the supposed game. It was striking that the only language available in was Spanish. Wouldn’t it be better, for a video game that has international projection, to launch it in English or, better still, in several languages, as is usually done?

It was also curious that there would be no developer identified with name and surname on the game page.

The website promised that the video game could “win real money.” Source:

In the footsteps of Squid, a scam inspired by The Squid Game

The allegedly fraudulent operation of the creators of the UFC Crypto Game has a recent precedent, which was reported by CriptoNoticias. A token called Squid would be part of a supposed future video game play-to-earn based on the television series “The Squid Game.”

But, like, the creators of the game disappeared. On that occasion they managed to get hold of the sum of USD 2.6 million.

Unlike what happened with the UFCT token, the Squid token did come to be traded on decentralized exchanges. In a short period of time it rose from $ 30 to $ 2,800. Investors who were able to sell their tokens before the exit-scam (which, in that case, happened when they took all of PancakeSwap’s liquidity) they managed to get some profit out of their investment.