Tuesday, July 5

Pain is political

When the maximum expression of violence manifests itself and breaks the social contract, the minimum that is expected of a decent society is not only the unanimous rejection of the consequences of that violence, but also the conscience about its nature. The personal pain for the murder of Samuel Luiz is so deep and fierce that it has made many people cry without consolation who did not know the victim. Deep and fierce is also the political pain we feel when it is questioned that homophobia played a role in his grisly lynching. Yelling “shitty fag” while someone kicks another to death is homophobia, as is xenophobia if you yell “shitty foreigner”, or fat phobia if you yell “shitty fat,” or racism if someone yells “shitty nigger.” Only from a homophobic accomplice can the homophobic obviousness that each letter carries when someone yells “shitty fag” be questioned. Or from the disdain – also an accomplice in the end – towards the incalculable homophobia that still supports all expression and behavior in the heteropatriarchal system.

Homophobia is encouraged from political formations and from the mass and general media, and produces hate crimes. It is not, therefore, an irrational hatred, but a directed hatred. The extreme right in Vox (I say on, not from, because there are also ultras in other right-wing parties, such as the PP) has filed complaints against a few people who have dared to verbalize the truth: that the homophobic ideas promoted by those parties are the seed of the crimes they engender. They are complaints that are part of a strategy of confusion, since the claim, for example, to impose a parental pin that entails homophobic positions is, without a doubt, to aspire to ignite hate speech where it is easiest: in the formation of a childhood and adolescence that can end up screaming “fucking fag.” Such is the disdain with which the matter is treated that Concepción Dancausa, Minister of Family, Youth and Social Policy of the Community of Madrid, referred the other day in the Assembly to LGTBI people as “people with LGTBI”. With. He said it three times: the relevance of prepositions. But he has not received any sanction for that discrimination. However, the journalist Javier Ruiz has been fired as a talkative of the Ana Rosa Quintana program for referring to the increase in hate crimes against the LGTBI community and relating it to the public freedoms that are undermining these political formations. It is extremely serious that the increase in these crimes is taking place and the impunity with which certain media are undermining freedom of expression is extremely serious. Another form of complicity. Spain hurts us as much as Samuel hurts us.

Deniers of the homophobia of that crime allege that the murderers did not know Samuel and could not know if he was a queer. But it is a fact that they yelled it at him. And you do not have to be very clever to understand that it was most likely that they were yelling it at you, even if they did not know your sexual orientation, because surely Samuel had a pen, that is, he did not respond to the stereotype of the male, to the male model of that heteropatriarchy that It not only discriminates who you are but how you express yourself, what you look like, whether or not you fit into the (horrendous, by the way) model of masculinity that makes you worthy of respect. The queers are killed for being queers and for having a pen. The queers are killed for not being all the men that murderers demand, all the men that a criminal system demands, all the men that hate speech demands. Denying that there was homophobia in the crime of Samuel, who was shouted “shit fag”, is in a sense to kill him again, because you deny who he was. That is why it is so exciting that in his tribute all of Samuel’s friends will wear rainbow shirts. From the truth that the friends know better than anyone (because families are also cells of homophobia, and I say this in this case from the utmost respect and overwhelmed by the inconceivable pain of a sobbing father), they were vindicating the real Samuel, dignifying his identity and his memory, demanding the justice he deserves from the awareness of the nature of his murder.

Samuel’s friends are broken with personal pain. And they have also wanted to make visible that their pain is also political. Because it is homophobia if they kill you shouting “shit fag” as it would be racism if they kill you shouting “shit black” (Ibrahim …, the black Ibrahim …, Ibrahim the Senegalese …, the only person, among dozens of whites , who came between Samuel and his murderers, the only one who tried to help him. Ibrahim … Will this painful Spain now give you the life you deserve?). How much political pain.