Monday, December 6

Paitilla Hospital signs an agreement with INDICASAT to promote research

Paitilla Hospital signed an agreement with the Institute for Scientific Research and High Technology Services (INDICASAT) to promote research.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Jagannatha Rao Kosagisharaf, Director of INDICASAT and Dr. Ariel Saldaña, Medical Director of Hospital Paitilla.

The objective of this agreement is the joint development of programs, projects, research, consultancies and consultancies, among others.

As Dr. Saldaña indicated “hospitals have several functions: patient care, teaching (theoretical and practical) and research. Hospital Paitilla has a level of excellence of care and is at the forefront in teaching. Thanks to the agreement, we will be able to carry out research that will allow us to accurately improve many significant data in the management of a patient ”.

“This exchange will allow INDICASAT to carry out clinical studies in our facilities, with the support of our doctors and patients. On the other hand, it will be possible for us to analyze and standardize the research protocols carried out by the hospital thanks to the advice of INDICASAT, in addition to establishing measurement and evaluation methods to improve current processes and initiate research projects with our doctors ” , expanded the Doctor Ariel Saldaña, Medical Director of the Paitilla Hospital.

For his part, the Doctor Jagannatha Rao Kosagisharaf, Director of INDICASAT, thanked the opportunity and stressed that this is the beginning of a new chapter in the history of clinical research in Panama, as well as in the training of new generations of Panamanian clinical researchers and new scientific publications of the highest level. .

“The relationship between both entities began some time ago with studies and clinical trials and at the beginning of the pandemic, issues such as plasma infusion were incorporated, which continue today and in the future,” he shares.

Dr. Gabrielle Britton, a researcher at INDICASAT comments: “The institution is also currently analyzing markers of neurodegenerative diseases, heart disease, the biology of cancer, among other topics, and that thanks to this agreement we will be able to have access not only to patients , but also to tissues and fluids, equipment and suitable scientific human resources ”. Thanks to this, we are approaching the goal of “personalized medicine” in which, with the identification of genomes, for example, of cancer, a treatment specially designed for the patient’s ailment is achieved.

Workshops, trainings, work tables and scientific articles among other academic endeavors are part of the agreement.

“Not only doctors, but also nurses, assistants and health personnel are welcome to participate, since research is for everyone,” explained Dr. Digna Wong, INDICASAT’s Manager of Clinical Projects.

Thanks to the current academic agreement with the University of Panama, this agreement will allow the involvement of both residents and medical students who rotate at Hospital Paitilla.

With all of the above, the category of the hospital center is raised as a research center, in addition to the improvements that will be the result of the evaluation of the processes.

As one of the first actions, the bioethics committee will be formed, which will analyze and authorize all the protocols of the projects both at the beginning and during their development, centralizing and standardizing them, at the level of the main health facilities at the level. world.

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